Friday, October 28, 2011

Food for Thought: Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

This has to be the easiest pumpkin cupcake recipe... EVER. Just look! Mmm...

First of let me start by saying, I have NEVER liked anything with pumpkin... Dislike pumpkin pie, pumpkin coffees, pumpkin whatever, bleh!
Maybe it stems from being forced to eat it as a child - even the seeds, we'd make them in school and they'd MAKE me eat them. Ahh!!!

It has seemed to carry over into my adulthood, to where I wouldn't even bake or cook anything with pumpkin (except for a pie, on Thanksgiving only, because my boyfriend and Little Miss looooooooove it).

Pumpkin Spice candle from Yankee Candle... That I'll do. lol

So I thought I'd do something sweet for the two of them by making these pumpkin cupcakes but with my own spin on the Big Red Kitchen's recipe.

Here's what you need for the cupcakes:

That's it. Just two ingredients. No oil, no eggs, no nothin'. (Love it already, right?)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In a large bowl, pour in the cake mix and can of pumpkin. (Note: as the BRK points out, make sure it pure pumpkin, not pumpkin filling.) Mix until you have a nice golden, creamy batter.

Remember, there's no eggs! So you can sample.
This is where I got brave, real brave. I had read some of the reviews that the batter "lacked a little something" for some folks. I knew I wanted to add some ground cinnamon and ground nutmeg to kick it up a notch... so I did... And then I tried it.
And guess what? Well, I'm alive for one (lol) but I actually liked it. The pumpkin was not overpowering, it was creamy and smooth... I thought to myself "Oh-Em-Gee, I finally put on my big girl pants and ate pumpkin something and liked it". ;)

Anyways, NEXT pour the batter into your slightly greased pan & bake for about 20 minutes.

(This is right before they went into the oven)

Ahh I was so excited! They turned out sooo good & were so soft!
Now you could leave them just like this, but hello, anytime I can add cream cheese anything to food, I'm doing it! ;)

Tip: (And I can't remember where I read this) If you're using a store bought frosting, put it in a bowl and whip it for just a few minutes. You'll actually bring it back "to life" and it will go further.

I am so pleased with how they turned out. Plus they made the house smell yummy. :)

This recipe yielded 18 total cupcakes.


  1. mh, yummy. the white snow on the cupcakes looks delicious

  2. It looks yummy, Mommy!
    I haven't tried pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese on it yet.

  3. OMG...I am making those EXACT cupcakes/muffins right now but I don't have any cream cheese/frosting. Probably a good thing because I'd eat a TON of them and I have been falling off the low-carb bandwagon a lot lately. When my muffins come out I dip the top in melted butter and then in cinnamon-sugar, which is yummy too!

  4. Perfect! And healthy too, yummy. Thanks for sharing on Crazy Sweet Tuesday. :)

  5. Seriously... that is it, just mixing a can of pumpkin in!!!! Such a simple and AWESOME recipe. I love simple :)Makes my life easier. I am printing this one out. Thanks Keeley!

  6. They're so good and soft ~ I added extra cinnamon & nutmeg to the batter, to kick it up so you may want to as well. Super easy. I just bought more pumpkin & cake mix this past weekend to make more, actually. lol

  7. OOOOO how I love this recipe! Love it using spice cake mix or even chocolate! SO glad you are 'stretching' yourself to do more with pumpkin. I can't get enough of it.

  8. Are these really peanut free? I found your blog today through Pintrest and was so excited for all the ideas. My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with a peanut allergy in May and I am always searching for new food ideas! I love your birthday party theme as well! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!


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