Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How to Pack Hot Foods in a Thermos {PLUS 35+ Ideas for Lunches}

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One of the most popular questions I receive is "how do I pack hot foods for school lunches?"

We are fortunate that Little Miss has access to a microwave at lunch time, but some foods pack better in a Thermos instead of reheating that way. It's also not the case for all our readers, so even though I try to answer this question as it comes up... it's important to also take the time to share about it on blog.

One of her favorite hot lunch items that I pack for her macaroni & cheese. I'm thankful I can easily whip her up a box of Horizon Organic Gluten Free Cheesy Mac to satisfy her cravings.

Whether you're reheating leftovers or making something hot and fresh to pack the premise is still the same:
  1. Fill the Thermos with hot boiling water and close the lid tightly. Set aside.
  2. Cook or reheat your hot lunch items.
  3. After a minimum of 5-6 minutes, dump out the water from the Thermos (and dry with a paper towel, if necessary). 
  4. Fill with warm food, close lid, and pack for lunch!

As I mentioned above, making a box of Horizon Organic Gluten Free Cheesy Mac is a great option for school lunches. Check out this post for details on their allergen disclosure regarding the GF Mac & Cheese.

Make a box for supper and pack the leftovers for lunch. Or, if making multiple lunches, get a box cooking while everyone is eating breakfast in the morning so you can pack it quick after and go.

You can also try these yummy mix-in ideas to your Cheesy Mac to add some extra fun for lunch:
  1. Tuna & Peas for my "Tuna Goo" recipe
  2. Shredded Chicken with Cooked Carrots and/or Broccoli
  3. Diced Pepperoni & Black Olives (optional marinara)
  4. Buffalo Chicken Shreds
  5. Hot Dog Slices
  6. Mini Meatballs  
  7. Spinach & Chickpeas
  8. Black Beans & Taco Meat 
  9. Ground Beef (Hamburger) & Bacon
  10. Ham & Peas or Broccoli
Check out the Horizon Mac-N-Ator for more ideas.

What else is a Thermos good for? Plenty! Here are even more lunch ideas:
  1. Chicken Nuggets or my Veggie Nuggets recipe
  2. Fish Sticks, like my GF recipe I made for Momables
  3. Spaghetti, use Horizon Organic's Squash Marinara recipe to add extra veggies to lunch
  4. Pastas, like my Mexican Chicken Alfredo recipe
  5. Soups, like my Tomato Soup recipe 
  6. Meatballs 
  7. Leftover Chili or my Chili Mac recipe
  8. Scrambled Eggs or Omelettes
  9. Diced leftover pizza
  10. Rice Dishes, like my Pork & Rice recipe
  11. Taco Meat for leftover Taco or Nacho Lunches
  12. Mini Pancakes, stacked
  13. Small Baked Potato, still wrapped in foil
  14. Pizza Muffins
  15. Hot Dog slices or cut in half (pack the bun separate)
  16. Casseroles or Lasagna leftovers
  17. Mini Corndog Muffins, like my allergy friendly recipe
  18. French Toast Bites
  19. Tater Tots or French Fries
  20. Warm Cornbread or Muffins, like this Horizon Organic Very Berry Cornmeal Muffin
  21. Sloppy Joe Sandwiches (pack the bun separate)
  22. Pulled Pork (pack the bun separate or make pulled pork nachos)
  23. Corn on the Cob Halves
  24. Warm Mini Cinnamon Rolls
  25. Hot Sandwiches or my Italian Sandwich Cupcake recipe
  26. Scalloped Potatoes, get Horizon Organic's recipe here
What are your favorite foods to pack for school lunches?
Leave a comment and let me know!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon Organic
 The opinions and text are all mine.

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