Monday, October 31, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Happy Halloween Everyone!

Today is Halloween! Finally. :) lol
I have been making Little Miss Halloween lunches for almost two weeks now, sooooo I'm ready for a change up. ;)

They don't really "celebrate Halloween" at my daughter's school, so I've been doing my best to just try and make it fun for her...

Lunch is a Pumpkin Shaped sandwich with a slice of provalone ontop. I colored it orange and wrote "Happy Halloween" on it with my green Betty Crocker Food Writer pen.

Below the sandwich are some cantaloupe dices and blueberries. On the sides Sunrise Confections Candy Corn (Peanut Free!). Above are carrot matchsticks, a slim jim stick (her fave) with also two bat rings and a spider ring on that side.

Bottom right is a pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting (<-- click for recipe) with cinnamon sprinkled ontop and a pumpkin pick.

Upper right is strawberry mott's medley applesauce with two candy eyes to give it the "holiday spirit" ;) lol.

To make her Fruitables Juice Box a little more festive for the day, I "mummified" it with ripped toilet paper strips and googley eyes. (This was one of her favorite parts.)

I decided to make her breakfast a little more Halloweeny too by cutting a small nutella sandwich out with my frankenstein cutter (he looks more like a zombie but whatever it works) and gave him candy eyes.
Sliced banana pieces with a pick. Dish of vanilla yogurt with a spider ring.

Have a great day everyone!!
I'll post pics of Little Miss's Halloween Costume we made tomorrow. :)


Let me know your thoughts!

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