Monday, June 13, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Last Full Day of School!

My little miss has her last full day of school today! I'm so geeked for her Kindergarten graduation/ celebration tomorrow.
She and I are making a fun treat for the class tonight - I'll post that either tonight or tomorrow early AM.

Today's fixins' include a sandwich cut with my flower stainless cutter.
I added the colored centers with my food decorator pens.
Also two colby jack cheese cutout flowers with flower stem picks.
Under the cheese are some low sodium tortilla chips.
In the center of this is a boiled egg done in her bear egg mold.
One the other side is a cup of carrots & cauliflower pieces.
Lastly, a peach medley healthy harvest applesauce (no sugar added kind).
Not pictured - Fruitables Juice Box.

Also not pictured, I put a special card for her in her lunch box telling her that I love her and to have a happy last full day of school! She loves getting special notes and cards from Mom in her lunch.
So proud of my little miss for graduating from Speech Therapy this year as well! (She's been in it since she was one and half.)


  1. Thanks for the comment--love your blog! Hope you and your daughter enjoyed making treats for her class! :) Happy Kindergarten graduation tomorrow!


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