Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Snackable: Edible Crayons

What a crazy busy and good day!
First with the good: My little miss graduated Kindergarten today!! The celebration at her school was so cute. (Yes, I did tear up!) They did such a nice job between the songs, a little dance, a poem, and announcing each child by name. I especially loved her little graduation cap she made and wore. :)
After, we had a girls lunch out to eat followed by some fun driveway chalk drawing time together. Perfect day off work and so glad I didn't miss it!
Now with the crazy... so I got home late last night and didn't get to make her class treat for today. Instead, I woke up early to do it. No big deal - I get up early everyday... except when things don't work out like you want them to and you start to get upset. (Not a good way to start the day.) I'll explain more about that in a minute...

While blog stalking reading one day, I found an amazing link on Gourmet Mom On-The-Go's blog that was for Edible Crayons! What a GREAT idea and I had been waiting to try it out... what a perfect time, right?

Photo courtesy of Gourmet Mom On-The-Go

So I had all my supplies...
Candy Melt
Pretzel Rods
The downloaded labels from her site
Food coloring

I began making them this morning and for the LIFE of me could not get my candy melt to take the food coloring. It would change the consistency and turn into a mushy mess! I tried 3 different approaches to try and tint the white candy melts to no avail. (I saw on her comments someone else had the same problem... still not sure why I had issue. This was the first time I'd ever worked with candy melt before.)
At this point I was left with one option... White Crayons.
I was SO mad! Not at all what I wanted to make but my daughter was still excited for them, so I just kept remembering "that's all that matters..."

^ Here they are in process...

I used Gourmet Mom On-The-Go's free download labels, but I changed the "Bak2School" one to "#1 Student" since it's the end of the year. :)  

Here they are all done... I put them on a green plate in hopes that would add some life to them. lol

Like I said super bummed about the color. It kind of resembles chalk more than crayons.
BUT my daughter loved them, the teacher LOVED them, and the kids thought they were hilarious.
That's all that really matters. :)

I think I'll give them a shot again sometime. They are simple and cute to make (minus the coloring problem). Maybe I'll just the already colored/flavored melts instead of trying food coloring. ;)

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  1. I would suggest getting the already colored Candy Melts. Liquid coloring will make chocolate seize (clump up) and paste coloring is a bit more expensive unless you are going to be decorating cakes or something else to use up the coloring. for the occasional project the colored candy melts will save you time and headaches :o)


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