Monday, November 14, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Roll Out of Bed & Roll Up a Sandwich

Oh Monday, how I loathe thee... especially during NFL season. :-P
The good news it, we just have to make it through this week - then it's a nice long weekend for the Holiday! (Even though it seems like we're always busy, it'll be nice.)

Today's lunch is just a simple bento (appropriate for a Monday morning, BLEH! lol)

Turkey roll-up with a cream cheese & cucumber spread in flour tortilla. I diced up little bits of cucumber and mixed it into some cream cheese for the roll-up.

Baby carrots, cauliflower, box of raisins, babybel cheese.

Top right are mandarin oranges.
Bottom right is a sunbutter & granola ball. (<-- this is such an easy to make "treat" for Little Miss, plus she looooves them.)
Lunch is packed inside an EasyLunchBox.
Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Monday morning bleh aside, this is still way nicer than the bleh pb&j sandwich I made my girls last night. The bread was a very nice whole grain though. Maybe I get a couple of points for that? ;)

  2. lol, I think any mom that makes lunch for their family earns points. Adding in a bit of fun and healthy goodness just doubles it! ;)

    Thanks Kelly!

  3. Yes, any lunch that makes it out of the door on a Monday morning is a success! Looks delicious too :D

  4. Monday morning should be outlawed, lol. I love the sunbutter & granola ball, what a great idea! We ate sunbutter cookies at a peanut-free b-day party yesterday - Yum!


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