Monday, November 14, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Domo-Kun Bento

Oh Domo, you crazy little creature you...
For those of you who don't know, Domo is a Japanese TV show character -- here's brief profile: "a strange creature that hatched from an egg. His body is stout but his heart is pure. Loves TV. Often causes trouble by daydreaming and not paying attention to things. Lets out explosive farts when upset. Favorite food is Japanese-style meat and potato stew. Least favorite food is Apples (a big mystery that's in his DNA)."
Gee I can't imagine why a six year old would like him. LOL

My daughter's Domo love actually is thanks to my sister *Hi Ash, I know you're reading!*
She and my BIL (brother-in-law) love Domo. My sister would always bring her pink Doma (as they call "her") to visit and Little Miss loved to play with her. It even became so fun for Little Miss that my sister would take Doma & their Domo on trips. They take pictures of them places and text/email them to me for Little Miss to see. Doma has been to Paris and I haven't, can you believe that!? I have the pics to prove it! Hehe

Exhibit A: Doma at the Galerie du Carrousel

Anyways, fast forward - Little Miss now has a mini-Domo and her very own Pink Doma doll, pictured at the top with lunch. When I told her tonight that I was making her a Domo lunch, well, she insisted on putting on her very favorite PJ's from her Aunt.

Exhibit B: Little Miss with Doma & her Domo cupcake shirt

Now that I've completely sidetracked from the purpose of this post, let's get back to LUNCH! :)
Sorry for my lengthy babbling, lol

Domo is turkey sandwich made from the heel pieces of the bread loaf (or as we called them when I was a kid the bread butts). His mouth is a piece of provalone. I colored in the red for his mouth with my BC food writer pen. His eyes are pieces of cucumber skin. He was actually very simple to make.

Surrounding Domo on his upper left are cantaloupe dices and upper right are raisins.
Around his legs there are cucumber slices with handcut carrot flowers on top. I also tucked the bits from the flower cuts under there too because Little Miss likes to eat them, so why waste!

Top right is Mott's Medleys Strawberry Applesauce (remember Domo's least favorite food is apples) and bottom right a hardboiled egg. I felt an egg was funny since he hatched from one. :) 

Taking a cue from a few other bloggers and users of Easy Lunchboxes, I drew on the lid with a dry erase marker. Trying to make it look like a Domo face. :)


  1. Love love love - I'm going to have to copy this one some day :)

  2. Un- freakin'- believable Keely. This is fantastic! Little Miss must have LOVED it!

  3. Thank you both!

    @Kelly - she hasn't seen it yet, hehe, she just knows I was working on it tonight for her lunch tomorrow. She told me before bed I better show her in the AM! :)

  4. yippy DOMO!!!! Love my Neice, my Sister and my Doma!!! Thanks for this, it gave me a much needed smile. *hugs
    ~ ash

  5. OMG!!! We love DOMO! All we have are little brown Domos..... I think Big D would have a heat attack if I showed her Little Miss's PINK Domo! Awesome bento homie :)

  6. Super cute! I think we need to have a Japanese characters theme for BOTW!

  7. Love you too, Ash! Glad it could make you smile. :)

    Thank you Corey, Diana, & Lisa!

    @Corey - that's HILARIOUS that your girls love Domo too. Little Miss has a little brown one, a purse, lanyard, some charms, a picture frame... lol, she loves him. :)

    @Diana - that'd be a lot of fun!

  8. SHUT UP! A Domo purse!!!! I need to hit ebay or amazon up for one of those :)

  9. My daughter is also a Domo freak. She would LOVE this sandwich. Thank you so much for the idea...can't wait to suprise her with this. :-)


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