Friday, June 10, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: For my Shining Star!

A little lunch, for my little shining star! :)

Friday's Lunch Fit for a Star:

*Sandwich cut with my Star Sandwich Cutter*
(I got if from the Dollar Tree btw!)
*On top of the sandwich are cheese and fruit strip star cutouts*

*A few dry spinach leaves tucked beside it*

*A cup of cauliflower and carrots that I hand cut into star shapes*
*On top of the cup is a star cheese cutout*

*A chocolate dessert and I use a food icing decorator in green to add the star ontop*

*Apples cut with my star cutout and blueberries scattered*

*Boiled egg done in her star egg mold with a cheese star cutout laying on top*

Okay, so YAY it's FRIDAY! But after I finished making her lunch I realized... I only have one more lunch to make left for Kindergarten... *sniff sniff* Monday is her last full day of school (two half days follow)... *sigh* My little miss is going to be a first grader. *deep breath*
(Pardon my Mama moment.)

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