Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Taco Leftovers = Nachos for School!

I've said it before, "taco night" is probably Little Miss' favorite thing in the world. She and the fella have "taco races" to see who can eat the most.
I can say proudly that my daughter... WON last night! LOL
Girl ate FOUR tacos to his three. She was quite proud of herself! ;)
I thought she might be "taco'd out" after that but I asked if she wanted the perfect amount of remaining taco meat for school lunch today so she could make nachos. Without hesitation I received an emphatic "YES PLEASE!" in reply.
I love repurposing leftovers for lunch:

Little Miss has a silicone flower cup filled with the leftover taco meat and two small silicone cups below it, filled with sour cream and cheese shreds. Surrounding it are gluten free tortilla chips.
In the upper right she has a side salad with italian dressing. The upper left compartment has a fruit mix of apricot and pears with a fun veggie fork pick to eat them with.
I also snuck in a Lunchbox Love Notes from their Thanksgiving collection. I loved this particular message because it made me think of her lunches - a small daily pleasure that I know matters to her... and to me. :)

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