Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Happy {Allergy Friendly} Halloween!!

To all my food allergy parents out there, first and foremost, I want to wish you and your kiddos a SAFE and Happy Halloween!
Here's Little Miss' "Happy Halloween" School Lunch for today:

{Allergy Friendly} Gluten, Tree Nut, & Peanut Free with a Top 8 Allergen Free Treat

Notes: Lunch can be made Dairy Free by omitting the cheese finger. It can also be kept Egg Free depending on the bread that you use.
Little Miss has SunButter sunflower seed spread and jelly skull shaped sandwich on Udi's bread. Udi's is Gluten, Nut, Dairy, & Soy Free.
Below it are matchstick carrots and beside it a severed cheese finger.
Top left is a spider cup with apricot brains inside. 
Top right are a Top 8 Allergen Free treat!
We used our Mary's Gone Crackers Pretzels from our October Savorfull box. I then dipped them in melted Enjoy Life Chocoalte Chips and layed them on a piece of wax paper. Popped them into the freezer for a few minutes to harden and boom!
Deliciously simple {Allergy Friendly} Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bites!


  1. Apricot brain? You've outdone yourself! Happy halloween to you and your little miss. Love those chocolate pretzel sticks. Yum!

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  3. How fun! I love the skull sandwich -- it's very creative and very scary. Thanks for the great ideas. Happy Halloween!


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