Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: {Gluten Free} Apple Ring Donut Simple School LunchBox

We've never been able to walk into a bakery and purchase donuts, due to Little Miss' peanut allergy.
Now that she's also gluten free, even the prepackaged "safe" options aren't available (without spending an arm and a leg on frozen brand GF ones).
She *loves* the Apple Ring Donuts I made for MOMables. They are gluten free and nut free, but can also easily be made dairy free by substituting the butter for a vegan spread. It also has the added nutrition of ground flax and fresh apples.
So for something a little fun and different, I decided to pack one up in her School Lunch for today!

Beside the Apple Ring Donut, Little Miss also has a Hello Kitty pick with turkey roll-up bites and a cheese stick.

On the right she has baby carrots with dip and a treat from her Halloween candy stash.

(Click HERE for my Apple Ring Donut recipe!)




  1. Love today's lunch! Looks so good after all the Trick or Treating!

    1. And she loves her new HK bento box! ;)
      Thank you Nina!

  2. Yum! Never thought donut is so easy to make. Considering that my kiddos are allergy-free, this makes the ingredients easier to find and budget-friendly. When I saw this post delivered to my inbox, I was surprised to see the exact HK bento box that my girl adores. Added inspiration to try out your recipe. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  3. With her peanut allergy, she can eat York patties? Aren't they made in a place with peanuts? Or no? I have always heard that most all of the popular chocolate candy bars are off limits.


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