Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Happy Birthday Bento!

*Sigh* My baby girl.
She turns seven tomorrow. *sniff sniff*
That's right... Friday is Little Miss' BIRTHDAY!!!
She is so stinkin' excited too. Proclaiming to everyone, all day today, that it was her very last day being six.
Her very last day going to school, her very last dinner, and her very last sleep being six. lol
Like years past, I alway try to have a *little* fun with her school lunch on her birthday too. :)

Little Miss has a cupcake sandwich on gluten free bread. It's filled with SunButter, her favorite, of course! There is a festive candle pick coming out the top.
The top is decorated with a piece of provalone cheese, colored with food safe markers. I used my mini face cutter - the eyes - to create small colored circles from the cheese creating a 3D sprinkle effect. The "cherry" is made from deli turkey.
Surrounding her sandwich is confetti carrot sticks, a few star shaped marshmallows, and a slice of apple I cut a "7" into the peel on. There is also a mini GF chocolate chip muffin with a candle pick.
She has veggie chips and dip in the bottom left compartment.
Bottom right is a peach and watermelon dice fruit mix, with a watermelon "7" on top and another fun candle pick.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MISS!!! Love her lunch! :)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Little Miss!! Lovely and colorful bento :)

  3. i love your bentos!! happy birthday to your little one :)

  4. You never cease to amaze me, but then again I know your love knows no bounds.

  5. So colorful! And I could do this with my natural colors and it would look almost as good! (Well, except I'd be inept at it. But I mean the colors would look just as good...)
    Nice job, Mama!

  6. where do you get the star-shaped marhmallows?


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