Monday, September 26, 2011

Party Pants: I Scream, You Scream... (6th Birthday Party Ice Cream Social)

Little Miss had an Ice Cream inspired 6th Birthday Party this weekend. I wanted to share some of the creative food & fun we had! :)

Outside the house we decorated with pinwheels and signs
Notice my Crepe Paper Wreath Craft hanging on the door :)
Using craft sticks & posterboard, I wrote her name and cut them in the shapes of popsicles

I had the custom yard sign made on Vistaprint for free (only had to pay shipping)

Inside we had another custom sign (only paid shipping) that hung above the toppings bar table
Using balloons and brown postal shipping paper I created upsidown ice cream cones. They were hung throughout the house.
Toppings Bar (Ice Cream was not set out yet)

Food included Pizza Pops (fresh pizza bagels I made on pop sticks), fruit cones,
Bugle salad (bugels since they're shaped like cones tossed in french onion dip)

Her cake was a tower of Cake Cones - funfetti cake baked inside the cones and piped with icing to look like ice cream

Water bottle labels I made using scrapbook paper and stickers

Not pictured: We also make huge ice cream cones out of cardboard & construction paper that hung on the walls and also I framed some pictures of ice cream cones in the house. (Darn me for not taking pics of those!)

The birthday girl :)

Here she is making her very own sundae at the party

Admiring her "cake" while we sang to her

Enjoying the first bite!

We had so much fun and way too much food - a belly ache at the end of this party was a good thing though. ;) lol


  1. Great idea! I may have to use that one next year. This year (this Saturday) we are having Bear's birthday party. An outside picnic! Praying the weather is nice!

  2. Thanks Diana!

    No kidding Moody! Happy Birthday to Bear!!
    The weather is so crazy in MI this time of year, there's no way I could plan anything outside. Praying it's nice for you too!!


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