Thursday, September 8, 2011

Craft Complete: Crepe Paper Wreath **only cost $0.63!**

Little Miss's birthday is rapidly approaching! I have been keeping on busy on the weekend doing various crafts and decorations in preparation for her party. *Theme & more info to be revealed at the end of the month! It's a secret!* I will, however, share this super simple & inexpensive craft she and I did together last weekend - a wreath for the door using leftover crepe paper streamers from past parties.

First, I took a piece of cardboard we had in our basement recycle bin and cut a large circle for the backer. Mine has about a 24"D but can be done any size you want!

I then started cutting small pieces of crepe paper, about 3-4" long of each color.

When I started applying I would put a small amount of glue on the cardboard, fold the crepe piece in half and apply the folded side to the glue. Alternating colors back and forth.

Note: If you fold against the curl, so it fans outward, this will help in making your wreath more 'full'.

As you can see, above, I continued this along the entire perimeter and then kept continuing around the circle until it was finished.

When I first started I thought, what have I gotten into this is going to take FOREVER (lol) but actually once I got the first row done, it went really quick! The pieces don't have to be perfect and so Little Miss was helping with her little kids safety scissors cut pieces and then we'd take turns applying. :)

^ She insisted on modeling the wreath for a picture, lol

I actually bought the "6" from Target in their dollar bin section - it was marked $2.50 but the day I got it it was 75% off. WOOHOO! Talk about a cheap wreath. I had everything else, so in total it only cost me $0.63 (+ tax)

I didn't attach the "6" to the wreath directly. Since it has a ribbon on it already, I"m going to hang it directly from my wreath holder.

The best part is, my sister found me another "6" exactly like this one so I can use it in another place or craft for the party. :)


Let me know your thoughts!

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