Monday, March 25, 2013

Lunch Made Easy: Healthy Work Lunches for Mom {or Dad}

I often post photos and details of my own healthy work lunches on my Instagram feed, but it's been a while since I've done a round-up on the blog itself. Today seemed like a good day to share! 

Let's kick off Monday and spring with some yummy ideas on how to pack a healthy lunch for work {i.e. Adult Bentos}!

Last fall I shared a detailed post called "What about Mom & Dad?" focusing on packing healthy lunches for ourselves. Our health is just as important as our kiddos. {Check out that post by clicking HERE.}

How can we expect our kids to eat the fruit and veggies we pack them if we're settling for fast food or only grabbing a microwave meal on the way out the door in the mornings?

MOMables Grain Free Veggie Lasagna Cups 
We need to set the example. 
Save money.
Prep ahead.
Feel better!

photo via @KeeleyMcGuireBlog on Instagram
One of my favorite things? Smoothies. 
I make them on Sunday for the week ahead by freezing them in Ball Plastic Freezer Jars. Then all I have to do is grab one out in the morning and I have a healthy & delicious drink/ snack. 

This is another item I share regularly on Instagram is my #smoothieoftheday, with details of what's inside.

My "kitchen sink" smoothie: Carrot, kale , banana, oranges, zucchini,
frozen mixed fruit, & milk

Sometimes I load them with just fruit, yogurt, and juice. Other times they're packed with added spinach, kale, and/or carrots.

There's no right or wrong way to make one and there are tons of great recipes online! Start experimenting to your tastes. You'll be surprised how great you'll feel and filling these babies are!

Oriental Pork & Rice Recipe via
One of the easiest things to pack for lunch? Leftovers
Make a little extra knowing you want to pack up what's left. As soon as dinner is done, go ahead and prepare it right into your lunch box (like pictured above). Then in the morning, all you have to do is grab and go! Easy-peasy and delicious.

Tacos for her, Nachos for me! via
Little Miss and I tend to fight over the leftover taco meat. ;) It's a favorite of hers too for lunch the next day. I love when I can pack nachos for work. Yum!

Photo via @KeeleyMcGuireBlog on Instagram
What I pack the most tends to be salads. Different varieties and toppings to keep it interesting - Romaine, kale, spinach... Carrot, sweet peppers, cabbage... Turkey, cheese, egg. Mix it up to keep it fresh!

Photo via @KeeleyMcGuireBlog on Instagram

One of the things I'm most happy I got into the habit of is prepping fruits and veggies over the weekend. After I return from the grocery, I immediately clean the fruits so they're ready to grab. 

At night, while I making Little Miss' lunch, I simply dice a few extra or pull a few more out of each for my own lunch. If you take the extra few moments then, you'll save yourself time in the mornings - especially if you're running late. Which never happens to any of you, I'm sure. ;) 

Black Bean Corn Cakes recipe via

Don't forget there are great resources online that can help you plan and pack, such as MOMables. It's great for kids and adults! You get printable recipes with photos, plus a shopping list to keep you on track. 

Photo via @KeeleyMcGuireBlog on Instagram
We can talk about the importance and health benefits to packing your own lunches, but none of that matters unless you DO IT! 

Photo via @KeeleyMcGuireBlog on Instagram
Start today.

We know its better for you. We know it healthier than a burger and fry. So what's the hold up?

Photo via @KeeleyMcGuireBlog on Instagram


Curious about the products we use and love? Check out our Lunchbox Goodies page for more information! 


  1. Such a good post about setting an example for your kids-- and for being healthy in general! I know that when I pack my lunches, even if I am eating at HOME, I eat healthier if I pack them ahead of time! :)

  2. Thank you Keeley!! What a terrific round up and fantastic post of helpful ideas. Yep - Planning ahead is the key. Making healthy choices is easier if you've got good food in your home, ready to go. Love the made-ahead smoothies!!

  3. your idea about making a batch of smoothies at the weekend and freezing ahead is just pure brilliance! Will follow your lead and put best foot forward!

  4. your idea about making a batch of smoothies at the weekend and freezing ahead is just pure brilliance! Will follow your lead and put best foot forward for our packed lunches this side of the pond!

  5. Agreed! Freezing Smoothies! Brilliant! What are your favorite containers to use? Okay, I love the idea of grown-up Bentos too. Brilliant again. I keep missing lunch from being at the computer, but, if I would simply plan ahead and make my lunch in the morning along with the kids, then maybe I wouldn't miss lunch. Good ideas...keep them coming!

    1. I freeze them using Ball Plastic Freezer Jars. They're fairly inexpensive and are sold in stores and online. :) Thank you!!

  6. I have hardly seen a blog with so many delicious recipes in one post. very informative and interesting.

  7. Would love to know the small "boats" you use inside your bento boxes. Like in the taco mean picture! :)

    1. Hi! They are silicone cups. They can be reheated and keep the food separated nicely. I purchased mine from AllThingsforSale/BentoUSA. You can find links to the items we use under the "lunchbox goodies" tab at the top of the page. Thanks!

  8. My jobs have always been very physical. If I took this for lunch, it would be gone at break, and I'd have to go buy a real meal for lunch. Or were these the kiddo's lunches?

    1. Just pack more than for yourself. Whatever you know will fill you up.


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