Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: A Well "Rounded" Meal

Today's lunch is pretty simple but I thought it'd be fun if everything was round or circular in shape. :)

Mini bagel turkey sandwich with a couple circular provaline slices on top and some baby carrot round dices.
A hard boiled egg with some mini pepperoni stuck ontop of it.  (It kind of looks like a diseased egg... lol)
Two circular geometric picks of red seedless grapes
There's a round oreo tucked underneath too
A few low sodium all-natural chips, I tried to find the most round in shape because I am just that OC - had I had round tortilla chips on hand or round pretzels that would've been good too ;)
A few more round baby carrot dices on top of that
A Mott's Medleys applesauce on the side (round container of course)

After seeing this I though to myself - D'OH, could've used a round container for the food, but oh well.

I'm just saving up for tomorrow's BIG BIRTHDAY LUNCH!! Everyone make sure to come back & check it out! :)
I have a few other surprises for Little Miss tomorrow morning I'll be sharing as well. ;)

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