Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: All Signs Point to LUNCH!

Sometimes simple school lunches can be made fun with just a few picks and colorful pieces!

Lunch was inspired by these fabulous traffic themed picks that Little Miss received from our dear friend from BentoSchoolLunches. (Thank you Rina!!)

Little Miss has a turkey and cheese sandwich on gluten-free bread with two picks of red seedless grapes and carrot sticks in between.

We also have packed in our EasyLunchboxes container a hard boiled egg done in our car egg mold.

Plus, two "wheel" banana cookie sandwiches made with HomeFree Mini Chocolate Crunch cookies. Yum!

Super simple: Take two cookies and a banana slice. Form a cookie and lightly squish them together. The 'stickiness' of the banana will keep them together.

After posting yesterday's lunch, I was asked on facebook about bananas browning in the lunchbox.
Prep them just like you would apple slices. For apples, I like using apple juice. For bananas, try spritzing the slices in pineapple, orange, or lemon juice.


  1. Love it! The road signs are so fun :D

  2. Super cute! I am loving the bite sized treat!

  3. It's my pleasure Keeley and thanks for the mention!:) I love the cute lunch especially the banana cookies, looks like wheels to me and I am sure it is yummy. Good to know that you can prevent bananas from turning brown, I must give it a try!

  4. Hi Keeley, love the transportation theme! That egg cutter is adorable. My girl just started pre-k and I have to pack lunch and 2 snacks every day - thank goodness for your blog! I have been using it for inspiration all week. Awesome idea about keeping fruit from browning. My girl refuses to eat brown apples :)

  5. I am going to try the cookies with bananas between. Looks yummy ans simple for my little boy with multiple food allergies.

  6. Loved your post- I have 3 kids- two are off the charts anaphalactic to dairy, eggs, nuts, treenuts, and bananas. Cookbook? Title pls. And is allergen free cooking? Thx!


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