Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Thoughts from a Food Allergy Mama

This isn't a normal post for me, but I started this blog as a creative outlet and a place to share. So, that's what I'm going to do.

Many of you are fellow food allergy parents, so I'm sure you can relate to what I'm about to share. It's not meant for sympathy. I just selfishly need to get it out.

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In just a few short weeks, my Little Miss will be turning seven years old. I can hardly believe it!

Oh, how far she and I have come in those seven years. I feel I owe my life to this little girl. She saved me seven years ago - from self destruction, from fear, from my past.

I call her my guardian angel for a reason. And I believe it with all my heart.

I live each day struggling to protect her. Not only because I am her mother, but because I owe my life to her.

Not only because she's my daughter, but because there are things lurking. Hidden. That could kill her and take this smiling joy of a child from my life.

I hate food allergies.
I hate peanuts.

I use to live blissfully unaware.
I was a PB'aholic - I could eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches every day and be happy. I didn't know anyone, at that time, with severe food allergies. I didn't understand.

When I read comments or even blog posts by other raving about "peanut this" or exclaiming that their kids eat peanut butter every day, I want to scream.

But not at them. It's not their fault.

I wish my daughter could be that free. Eat whatever she wanted. Go wherever she wanted. Not have to be scared. Not have to cry. Not have to feel left out.

I try. I try with all my heart and being to make her life special. To make her feel like she's not really missing out.

Deep down, I know she is.

"Sorry sweetie, you can't go to 'Jenny's' party because it's not safe where they're having it."
"Sorry baby girl, we can't go out to eat there with 'Susie'  because they serve peanuts right on the tables."
"Sorry, no we can't go to that bake sale."
"Sorry, that summer camp isn't safe."

I feel like a broken record.

"No, I'm sorry." "No, you can't." "No, it's not safe."
"Don't touch anything here, it's not safe."

It's not safe.
It's not safe.
It's not safe...

Why? Why does it have to be that way for her?
Why not me instead??

What do you tell a child when they ask you if they'll ever be able to eat nuts or ever eat gluten again?

I don't have an answer. Just, "I hope so. Some day."
Until then, I will live every day making it better for her.

I know there are far worse things.
I know I sound selfish.

I pray to God every day. Thankful that she is healthy.

That the gluten free diet has been such a blessing to her issues she was having.
That she made it through this day free from any anaphylactic or topical reactions to nuts.

Each new school year brings new challenges.
New fears.
I am so thankful, and blessed, that she attends such a fantastic and caring school.
The staff and parents are very understanding and respectful of her allergies and the need for a nut-free classroom.
Her friends are great. They look out for her. I've witnessed it first hand. I even shared a story at the end of last school year how one father told me he was thankful his son was in her class. It taught him empathy.
I wanted to hug him. (To use a line Jack once said in our No Nuts Moms Group) I was in peanut free love with this man. lol
As I said, each new school year brings new challenges.
New classmates. And kids can be cruel.
Maybe that's why I'm emotional about this today.
Last night, Little Miss shared something with me that had been troubling her.
That one of the boy's in her class, the one that happens to sit directly next to her, has been making fun of her lunches and snacks.
Not just making fun.
Actually making gagging noises and then leaning over and pretending to vomit directly on her foods. Multiple times.
Because he thought her healthy foods were disgusting.
She was almost in tears telling me this.
She hardly ate the last two days. He made her feel sick.
He made her feel sad. He made her hate herself and feel different.
Sorry she can't eat the same, and I'm sure delicious *rolls eyes*, hot lunch like you little boy.
I want to scream at him. I want to march to the school and protect her. I want to yell at him from the deepest part of my lungs.
This boy.
I don't know if it's jealousy. Or just boys being mean little boys.
But I hate it.
(Note: After learning about this last night, I did write to her teacher to make her aware of the situation. She and I will be discussing further later today.)
What happened to the world?
Why must our kids suffer?
I don't want her to have to lug around epi-pens, inhalers, nebulizers, and eczema creams her whole life.
I don't want her to feel different. I don't want her to be left out.
I don't want little punks at school making her feel worse.
This is my child. No one hurts my child!
I need to take a deep breath today.
Remember our blessings.
I *do* try to be positive.
Look at her food allergy/ special dietary needs as a blessing in disguise.
It's because of her food allergy we learned to eat healthier.
It's because of her food allergy we started packing lunches.
It's because of her food allergy I learned to cook. Seriously.
It's because of her food allergies I started this blog.
That I met each of you.
That she gets care packages in the mail that make her feel loved and special, even if just for a few moments.
That we are in a cookbook together being released later this week.
How many kids can say they were in a book with their mom? That's something special we'll always have.

Life moves on.
Some days we will be happy.
Some days we will be angry.
But life moves on.
I will continue to strive each day to do better for my daugther.
To make her life the best that it can be.
To be the best mom that I can be.
To be an overachiever. She deserves nothing less from me.
To pray for her.
To be thankful for her.
To share. To grow. To learn.
I will continue to be here. To write. To post.
Thankful that you are following our journey.

Blessed for those moments when someone emails me or comments how much this blog, these posts, have inspired them. Given them ideas. Helped them find new items for their family.
Yes, it's "just food". It's "just stuff".
But when foods can kill your child, it becomes life. It becomes part of your being.
It becomes your passion.
Thank you for letting me share my passion.
-Keeley McGuire


PS: I still hate peanuts.



  1. Ok so I'm all but in tears reading this post. I can completely relate. I have 3 kids with food allergies and my oldest (who doesn't have FA) has asthma. There are so many times I wish this would all go away. Then there are other times that I am grateful for these different challenges (not the anaphlatic part). We lead a much healthier lifestyle and like you this is the reason I learned to cook. I am very grateful for other families that are willing to open their hearts and lives to share the joys and the sorrows that we live with daily. Thank you Keeley!

  2. Keeley, this is a beautiful, heartfelt post that every caring mother can relate to. The boy in your daughter's class is just jealous because she gets the most adorable and yummy lunches and his is probably gross and processed. :-)

  3. Big hugs, Keeley!!! You are an amazing mama!

  4. Beautifully written. I think all moms can relate food allergy or not to your feelings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  5. This was beautiful and I can vouch for the fact that you and your daughter have provided great motivation and inspiration for my family. We've undergone a lunch box revolution and my children will benefit tremendously because of people like you and your amazing girl. Keep writing, keep cooking, keep inspiring! xo

  6. Oh that makes my heart sad. My Adrian is in a kinder class with 5 other boys, two have peanut allergies. He is learning that something he likes can hurt his new friends and make them sick, so he only eats PB at home. I agree that you are helping little ones learn to have empathy and love unconditionally. I hope it gets resolved. I'm 38, and another mom made fun of a lunch I made for my made me cry. I can't even imagine how hurt your little girl was. Blessings!!!

    1. What?!? That is absolutely inexcusable and horrific. If the mother is that callous, what is she teaching her kids? I hope that if you haven't already, that you will let her have it.

  7. Keeley,
    you are such a blessing!!!! i don't know anyone who could have put that better, but i know many who feel it all the time!! my daughter has some really strange allergies, she's never been one to go with the flow. thankfully it's not pb yet, but enough others that i can relate!! she can't go to b-day parties and special places either. even for holiday dinners with family, i have to pack bentos. you moved me to tears about how you feel for her, because i feel the same for my precious girl!!! you are a great mama.... always be there for her and she will do fine!!! just knowing you are there to come home to after a day with a nasty kid is all she needs. you are awesome!!! i hope everything is resolved for her in school and i will be praying for you and her!! allergies are horrible.... i wish we could have a safe bubble around our beautiful kids and yet they could find a way to have normal life-loving thrills and experiences!! why can't i have both for my kid???? idk!
    Evelyn / Pixie's Playland

  8. I am in tears as well. My son has gluten and dairy allergies and I could have wrote this post similar anyway yesterday after frustration with his prechool teacher. Some people just cant and dont understand :( Hugs and prayers to you strong warrior Mama!

  9. I know exactly what you mean. My son is just 3 and already knows to ask the lady at the grocery store if that cookie is safe. On one hand I'm proud of him because we still have tanrtums on a regular basis :) Yet he is so keenly aware of his food allergies. But on the other hand my heart breaks that he can't just run up to any buffet and endulge, take the free sample at the grocery store, eat the cupcakes brought in for a classmates birthday like non-food allergy kids. I think you do a great job staying positive. I know I try to as well. But in my view we have to acknowledge that it's hard to truley stay positive. Positive we can overcome the hardship. You are an inspiration! Keep up the awesome work, Mama!!

    1. Thank you! I have similar feelings - blessed and thankful she is such a smart cookie, knows what to eat/touch and what not to, how to respond, etc. On the other hand it breaks my heart that such a young child has had to 'grow-up' so fast. I know exactly what you mean.

  10. I understand...I have a lot days where I feel like crying for my daughter. She started Kindergarten last week. I can cry just thinking about leaving her there to deal with her peanut allergy without me. Surrounded by kids who are eating a food that can hurt her. I cried when I heard that there was only one other kid at the peanut free table. I know there are worse things...but some days you just feel like crying for your baby. Blessing to you and your daughter and thank you for your sweet, helpful blog.

    1. My daughter attended a different school in Kindergarten then she does now. She had a similar experience - they made the nut free table in the lunch room also the 'bad kids' table, so anyone who got in trouble sat there too. I cried when I found that out - now was she not only isolated she felt like she was also bad because she sat there.

  11. Thank you so much for writing this. So much of what you say I feel as a fellow peanut allergy parent.
    When we first got my daughter's diagnosis in April after an anaphylactic reaction, your blog was the FIRST ONE I came across when searching for food ideas, and it's still the FIRST ONE I look at.

    Aside from giving me ideas to feed my daughter, it was comforting to know that there are other parents like you out there who are dealing with the same stuff as I am, especially when I was so new to it at the time. You don't know it, but I stalked your blog a bit when I first found it, not only bookmarking just about every recipe you offer, but also just reading about you and your daughter, and reading about the same struggles I've found myself dealing with. In a way, for me, you and your blog were (and still are!) a source of knowledge and comfort. Keep it up. You make more of an impact than you know.

  12. Keeley,
    You made me cry. I applaud your positive, enthusiastic, and passionate commitment to your child. She is precious. I am so sorry she has to deal with other kids being mean. Thank you for sharing this post. Hugs to you and Little Miss.

  13. Dear Little Miss, I wanted you to know that you are a very special little girl. There are people all over the world that think you are brave and amazing and that you are going to grow up to be someone very special. Our daughter is 5 and also is allergic to peanuts and has celiac disease too! So you are not the only one... you are not alone... and that boy was just jealous of the amazingly wonderful, inventive lunches that your Momma works so hard to create for you. If you ever want to talk to another kid who goes through the same things you do, send us a message!

    Kate and 5 year old Kaelin from Ontario, Canada

    1. Thank you for your note to Little Miss! She loves 'meeting' kids who are 'just like her'. :)

  14. I cried reading this because I can relate completely. I applaud you for getting it out, sometimes we need to let ourselves feel what we need to feel. I love your blog and I follow your facebook page. Your daughter is beautiful, and you are clearly a great mom. I hated to read the part of the boy teasing your daughter about her food. That makes me so mad. I hope that gets addressed quickly and that he stops. Her lunches are fun, and healthy. Just different. And people often judge things that are different.

    Keep moving forward!

    -Heather, mom to Sophie (5 years) with severe food allergies to tree nuts, sesame and other foods.

  15. Absolutely beautiful post Keeley.

    I'm so sorry that Little Miss had that happen at school :( That is heart breaking. Had me in tears. I am worried what will happen once Eliana is in school...but that is a bridge we will cross when it happens.

    You know I feel the same way sometimes. I feel like Eliana is missing out on things.. and it seems like more and more products I find have peanut and nut warnings on them and it is difficult. Its like peanuts are lurking EVERYWHERE. crazy. things that don't even have peanuts in them have peanut warnings in them. really?! I feel your pain.

    Thank you for sharing your struggles on your journey. I know that it is difficult at times but this post was perfect and absolutely gorgeous and just the right thing for all of us to hear, whether we have children or family members with a food allergy or not.

    LOVE the passion I feel through the computer screen <3 xoxo

  16. You brought tears to my eyes! We as Moms always want to protect our children from all bad things but when food becomes life threatening the fear must be so unimaginable! You work so hard to make her life special! You are a wonderful and strong woman fighting to keep your daughter safe and happy.
    Bullies and mean children are something we cannot protect against and I am heartbroken that this boy made her sad and feel even more left out.
    I hope the teacher will look out for her more and I hope with your love and with you as a source of strength she can be proud again of the beautiful lunches you make her and feel special instead of left out!
    Big hugs to you and Little Miss <3

  17. You did such a beautiful job expressing your love for your daughter and frustration at the allergies! It just isn't easy but your blog helps so much. Thanks for sharing. I will say a prayer that your teacher can talk to the little boy and your little girl enjoys all of her wonderful lunches.

    I will also pray that you are able to give your fear of losing her to God, as the mother of one on the other side, one with food allergies and another with a fatal disease I only found peace when I realized that how many days on earth we have is out of my hands and that helped me to enjoy all the ones we share here together. I also learned that they will always be with us no matter which side they are on and that is wonderful!

  18. Wow, you spoke my words exactly. This is how I feel every day as well and I'm sure thousands of other parents also. I too also have my good and bad days. I too try to stay positive but feel like a broken record on always saying "no, we can't." I too live in fear and then in turn find myself overprotecting my children. But I pray everyday for my children and that they will outgrow their allergies and that they'll never have a reaction. I will continue to pray every day also.
    It's nice to know there are so many other people going through this same struggle every day.
    Thanks for your blog!
    p.s. I too HATE the word peanut!

  19. I am humbled by each and every one of you. It made me cry to read the post but even harder to see how strong and amazing you ALL are. PLEASE keep fighting the ignorance and bullying. I will be right by your side.
    Aunt Ashie

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  21. Cried my way through this post...thank you for writing this! You put into words exactly what I feel every single day :) Thank you for being such an awesome mom & an inspiration to us all. Food allergies suck!

    p.s. I hate peanuts & eggs currently!

  22. You know, until I read this post it never occurred to me that other kids in other schools go through the same exact things my daughter had to experience everyday. We are peanut, egg, sesame, lactose (and oreo) free for almost five years now. My daughter's severe allergies were discovered shortly after three months old; I was nursing and just had a short love affair with pad thai. My poor baby! When she starred kindergarten thus year my number one priority was making sure she was taken care of while she was there, I an so diligent reading labels and shopping the perimeter of the store. Always skipping over the middle aisles. Sending get to an amusement park with such strict instructions that they called to tell nw the cook was steam cleaning the grill three times before cooking her a grilled cheese sandwich. I never knew about peanut/nut free classes until this year. I send the epi pens everywhere. then I send her confidently to school where a boy almost knocks out her two front teethAnd yet another calls her fat (which she is far from sure to an extremely healthy diet.) Go figure. I totally relate almost 100% to your story. I well read your blog and share when I have anything of interest. Thank you, this has made my night!

  23. Sorry for the typos. Auto correct and excitement. :-(

  24. We hate peanuts and food allergies too!!! Thank you for your well-put explanation of how you feel about it. I cried when I read it and I have shared it with others.

    THANK YOU!!!

  25. Keeley-- You are one of the best moms I have ever met! We don't have any food allergies but I want to raise my child with empathy and understanding. Thank you for sharing this.

  26. I understand and you are rightfully in mama bear mode! Hang in there, you go the extra mile for your daughter and that will mean the world to her when the incidents with this boy are not even in her memory in the years to come. We are top 8 & oat free and it is hard now that my daughter is 4 and expressing how different she feels but we're all figuring it out together.

  27. I have always taught my children to be respectful of other people's rights regardless of race and ethnicity. I have also educated them about food allergies though none of my kids have it. I feel your daughter's pain. I pray that God give her courage to move on and fight for her rights. I love this post.

  28. Dear Little Miss,

    I wish my Mama had loved me enough to pack me special lunches, made with love in every bite!
    My daughter chooses to view her home-packed snacks as "special" rather than "I can't have that other thing." She enjoys standing out, and showing off how much I love her. You may never be "normal," but you will always be spectacular!
    Don't let the bullies get you down! Just remember - he hates you because you are so obviously LOVED and CHERISHED! And because you DESERVE to be loved and cherished!

    PS: tell your Mama to wash those picks first. I can't promise I remembered to wash my hands before touching them.

    1. :) thank you for your continuous care and what you are teaching your own kids, Ludicrous Mama. you are a hero among us for thinking outside yourselves. XO

  29. Keeley, My heart is torn reading this and brought tears to my eyes. I remember you wrote this to me a year ago and it is so true and I have been living by it "Worry about nothing, pray about everything." Know that He will take care of my troubles for me and those little things are not worth ruining my day!!!
    Thank you for sharing this post and remember you are the greatest mom to Little Miss and she is truly an angel. You have a wonderful and happy family and that is all that matters. XOXO

    1. Thank you for that smile, Rina, and reminding me of those words. XO

  30. I had to grab a bunch of tissues and get myself all cleaned up before I could even begin to comment here Keeley. I can guarantee you (and I'm sure you know this) that that mean little boy is so incredibly jealous of Little Miss's made-with-love lunches that he is doing the only thing he knows how to do to make himself feel better. I am sure his mom doesn't make him lunches like you do and I'm sure his parents don't teach him empathy and kindness. When kids torment my girls, yea, part of how I help them is to remind them how sad that other child's life must be that they would behave that way and not be taught right from wrong. But that still doesn't ease the pain... I'm aching for you and your beautiful girl. Not being able to eat peanuts is hard enough, but this? Well... I just need to grab some more tissues ♥♥

  31. My son is allergic to tre nuts, so everything you said I feel as well! Stay strong. What is your cook book's name?

  32. I agree! what is going on in our world today that so many of our kids have nut,glueten,caisen ect. allergies?!?So frustrating and heartbreaking:(

  33. You are one amazing mama Keeley. I am honored to be your friend and have the privilege to work with you.
    Kids can be so very cruel but it is a good thing that she has you to be her advocate.
    stay strong. -now off to grab tissues.

  34. Thank you for writing this! Love your blog... Your daughter is lucky to have you! I try to joke with my son (who just entered Kindergarten : ANA to PN, TN) if I could only put you in a bubble. Keep posting and advocating, you are wonderful!

  35. You are amazing Keeley.

    I grew up free, but in the last few years, I've been unable to eat amines, preservatives/additives or gluten. That means no tomato, meat, sea food, processed meat, soy sauce, sushi, spinach, citrus, banana, chocolate, lollies of any kind, ice cream, bread, broccoli, pumpkin, cabbage, cheese... the list goes on and on! Any of these foods (there's about a hundred) make me gravely ill in about 30 minutes, so that we have to call an ambulance.

    It's horrible. I 'miss out' all the time. I can't eat out at restaurants, or other people's houses, with my husband any more. My husband can't cook for me. No one can send meals over when I'm unwell.

    But I'm an adult. I understand. Although it makes me sad sometimes, I understand what's going on.

    I can't imagine how hard it must be for your little girl.
    And how CRUEL of that boy to not only make fun of her, but to make her feel as though she couldn't even eat her own food. Now, not only does she live in fear and "misses out", but even the things that made up for the missing out, like lovingly packed lunches from her Mum, make her sad.

    Sending your girl hugs, from someone who understands.
    And sending you hugs too, because I know how hard it is to make both interesting AND safe foods, day in, and day out.


    Original Works Of Heart

  36. I don't say this lightly, you are a wonderful mother.

  37. Your Little Miss is so lucky to have you protecting her and making her life better. You're such an amazing Mom and it's so sad how cruel children can be nowadays. Sending you lots of strength and cheerful days!! :)

  38. Thanks for sharing your feelings and venting Bout this. I too have felt the same. And little boys can be mean, but so can bigger boys. It doesn't just stop terr, so I hope you and the teacher were able to address this boy AND his parents. My PA son, age 12, was chases by a "mean boy" who had PB on his hands and was running after him, and this boy KNEW it could kill him. My son gets a reaction even from a tiny smudge on a table, if it just touches his skin. He will be covered in hives ALL over within 15 minutes. And this mean boy was a threat to his life. So I hope you're able to stop the mean boy in your daughters class, from becoming more dangerous of a bully.

    I hope you both have a wonderful school year. I know how scary it is, and how hard it is to say goodbye every day and trust her life in others hands.

  39. This brought tears to my eyes. As Joyce Meyer would say, "Hurting people hurt people". Working in the schools I've seen so many kids who have really sad and lonely lives at home. He sees the time you put in the lunches....the words of encouragement you give. What kid wouldn't want that? Yet so many don't get it. Of course he's jealous of her lunches. Sometimes I'm jealous too :)

  40. Thanks for this. My daughter is 2 and just starting to ask why. It breaks
    My heart to tell her why she can't have ice cream like her brother. Peanut butter like her brother. Eggs like daddy. Thanks for the perspective. I know we have a long road ahead of us. I'm so grateful we live in a time where there are options - and a community of people to share the journey with.

  41. Thank you for sharing this. While we don't have food allergies, we battle other things that can make life hard on our babies. Kids can be mean. Let me give you some advice though. Talk to the teacher. Go into the classroom and share your child's story with her classmates. Take along some of her favorite foods and share those too. You'll be surprise how many of her classmates want to understand and will be willing to watch over her and also protect her from mean little boys like the one you've talked about. As I said kids can be mean, but they also can be very protective and loving. Give them a chance.

  42. You state it so clearly how I feel each day. The world is a dangerous place for our food allergic children. It's not fair. It's not fair they feel left out. It's not fair they can't experience the freedom that others have. No one can truly understand the depth of how it has changed our lives, our every thought. Thank you so much for putting it into words so others can get a glimpse.

  43. Hi. Thank you for a wonderful article. I think this boy is screaming out for someone caring to help him too. I suggest you pack him his very own special lunch one day. I bet the bullying would stop after that. We never know what someone has going on at home and just a little loving act can go a long way! Good luck!

  44. Oh Keeley, this post is heart wrenching. You are obviously such an amazing mama, and your beautiful healthy lunches are the manifestation of the deep love you obviously have for your daughter. My girl has celiac, and the exclusion component breaks my heart, but the terrifying medical fears of peanut allergies are beyond brutal. My heart goes out to you. All I can say is that I think the range of emotions that you feel - rage, sadness, graciousness - are totally understandable.. It's ok to feel grief over this for your dear girl. It's clear that most days you manage to rise above it, but moments like peer
    cruelty at school can really break your heart. I hope you and the school can work it out with this boy. There is no reason for your girl to be harassed like that.

  45. My son is allergic to dairy and sesame, and I am terrified for him to start school. I was told that he would have his own table, but I am also terrified for him to feel ostracized. Fortunately, the school where I am hoping to send him is peanut free, which doesn't effect him, but it does mean that it is pretty sensitive to these issues. He is not yet three, and knows to ask if food is safe. I love him for that. My heart breaks though too, because of why he knows to ask. He doesn't want to feel sick again, or go back to the hospital where they poke him with needles. I hate that he knows what it feels like to almost die.

    I do have high hopes reading blogs like yours and posts like this one. We are not alone. And we are all in this together. I am in the process of writing some legislation for the state of Michigan to make restaurants be more allergy aware. So in the depths of darkness, there is light. Thank you for shining yours!

  46. My just turned 7 daughter came off the bus recently fighting back tears and said- Why do I always have to eat a carrot every day?! I just knew someone had said something mean to her. Mind you, my lunches, well lets just say, are not as beautiful as yours. (My kids would feel like Christmas if I was as talented as you Bento gals.) I wanted to tell her to take her carrot and shove it up that person's nose (with a rubber hose) but of course anger begets more I went into the benefits of Vitamin A instead which bored her so much she completely forgot about the carrot. ANYWAY, you are a great Mom not only for protecting your child at all costs but for sharing your story so that others can relate. Keep on keepin on!

  47. Love this! Beautifully and passionately written. I'm a huge fan and I'm in the process of going through all your old blog posts. I think I will put a link to this particular post on my own blog about apraxia (speech disorder). I have a food allergy tab that I'm adding to right now and well, I can't top these words you just wrote. I love that you think outside the box with food ideas and your site has been a huge source of inspiration for me. Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas!

  48. Hanging out on your blog tonight, well because I love it :) This post hits home to me, I have tears, I have have inside me as I read it. Though my youngest is only 2 I know of the road ahead, I know of some of the bumps, like that mean boy and it makes me shutter. I agree sometimes I just don't understand why? UGG
    and PS I hate peanuts and tree nuts! :)
    Cindy (vegetarianmamma)

  49. Great post! I hate peanuts, too :) And many other foods. But, you're goes on and we CAN do this! I am inspired by your adorable lunches you pack for your daughter-she is soooo blessed to have you as a mom. I am not nearly as creative, but thank you for the new ideas :)
    Thanks for sharing this link on my

  50. I know this is old, but it made me cry.
    Today, I sent my 5 year old to school for the first time, the first time anyone has cared for him other than myself or my family, since his diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease a year ago this Friday the 13th.
    You gave voice to all the fears I've been feeling, and sang all the blessings in disguise his diseases have given our family.
    Thank you for your fabulous blog- I've literally made it my recipe guide book for packing his special lunches.
    I was so scared with the idea of turning over his care to other people, and overwhelmed learning how to rethink meal times and totally overhaul our eating (hello low carb, gluten free!) until I found this.
    Our food budget has become unmanageable due to the diagnosis, and our family of 5 needing to be totally gluten free. Your easy, mostly cheap ideas (and using leftovers for lunches!) has helped some <3
    Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

  51. Thank you for your voice, your passion and your advocacy. I feel so blessed that there are so many that have come before and paved what is a safer road for my son. I know that we are not there yet and that we will face our own battles, but I am thankful none-the-less. My 15 month old doesn't know he is different yet, be he will one day. Hopefully the fact that he will never know anything different than a life with food allergies might help. Either way, thank you for your honesty. It's posts like this one that make me feel not so alone in this.

  52. This was written beautifully, I just saw this today and really made me emotional. I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us all.

  53. this was written beautifully, it brought tears to my eyes. I am thankful for people like you who share their lives with us. I couldn't get through the day to day stress of a food allergy child without finding great articles to read. thank you.


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