Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Love in a Lunchbox

If you missed my posting earlier today, I shared "Random Thoughts from a Food Allergy Mama".
A lot of emotion has been built up that all came tumbling out as I typed. Triggered by one small boy. One small boy that hurt my daughter's feelings. (Click here to read the full story.)

Today, her day was much better. He left her alone and she ate.
We talked about what she should do if he bothered her again, what she should say, etc.

Most nights, I make her bentos after she goes to bed, but tonight, I had her in the kitchen with me. Helping pack her school lunch. Picking out piece by piece what she wanted and how to pack it.

It was nice to have those moments tonight before bed time.

Little Miss has a heart shaped turkey & cheese sandwich on gluten-free bread.
She also has an EnjoyLife Honey Vanilla Cookie from our September Savorfull box. These cookies are absolutely delicious by the way. We already bought more of them! More to come soon on how else we've used them.
There are also two heart shaped cups. One filled with mandarin oranges and plum dices. The other filled with freshly diced carrots. I tried to cut the three on top, by hand, to look like mini hearts. They kind of look like V's but let's just pretend they're hearts - okay? ;)
Surrounding the cups are red seedless grapes and a cheese stick cut into three bites.
Love Your Lunch! XO


  1. Poor Little Miss :( I'm glad he left her alone today! Kids can be so mean sometimes. This lunch looks fabulous!!

  2. Poor Little Miss. Tell her he was probably just jealous that his mommy doesn't take time to make him a special lunch. (Seriously, that can be it. Our school lunches are pretty good in nutrition, but my son does get jealous because his sister gets to take hers all the time because of her milk intolerance, so I make a point to pack him a lunch from time to time. His favorite is taking chili, soup, or pasta and sauce in a food jar He thinks he is getting too cool for my cutters and picks :(

  3. I'm so glad to read that she had a better day. You're such a sweet and caring Mom! God bless you and your little girl!


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