Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Love our Earth!

Some of you may know that Earth Day is this Sunday (April 22nd).  We should celebrate our love for our planet every day by taking better care of her!! :)

Little Miss has a special Earth Day lunch for Wednesday ~

The main compartment is a gluten free waffle, topped with cream cheese. I was able to color it like the planet by squirting one dot of food coloring on the end of a butter knife then swirling it into the cream cheese where/ how I wanted.
*Whew* an idea that could've gone good or been a big ol' mess, LOL, glad it worked beautifully! ;) It was pretty easy, actually!

Top left are red seedless grapes, topped with a strawberry heart just like the one in the center of the "Earth Waffle".
Top right is a baby spinach side salad topped with heart shaped carrot and cheese bites. I cut these heart shapes using my FunBites LuvIt!
Which btw, my girl Chef Corey of FamilyFreshMeals is having a giveaway for right now ~ check it out for your chance to win your own FunBites of choice!

Lunch is of course packed in an EasyLunchBoxes container ~
Think about it peeps, just by doing something as simple as using a reusable container for your lunches, snacks, or leftovers you are helping to save our planet!! If I didn't use these container for Little Miss every day, she'd go through 4-6 disposable baggies EVERY SINGLE DAY between lunch and school snack. The waste AND the costs add up!!

*No foods were harmed in the making of this lunch. Like normal, all "scraps" go into Mama's lunchbox! Such as the leftovers from the cutouts of the carrots and cheese - perfect toppings for Mama's salad tomorrow.*

Now the fun part: My bento blogger friends and I are doing an Earth Day Hop on Wednesday! Follow the button "around the World" to see what everyone is doing to help spread the word to reduce, reuse, recyle!

Next up on the hop will be Laura Rico ~ She makes amazingly cute foods!
Click HERE (aquĆ­) to see hers!!


  1. I love your waffle earth! Great bento.

  2. Really cute! The hearts to tie all the compartments together is a great idea!

  3. Beautiful earth! Love all of the hearts in this lunch.

  4. I love your earth waffle! What a great idea with beautiful results!

  5. Love your lunch! The Earth Waffle rocks! It came out so good!

  6. Love the earth waffle and the whole lunch:)

  7. Cute and creative as always, KMG! You're always on it!

  8. Wow! Amazing earth waffle! :)

  9. great work with the Earth waffle!

  10. Beautiful lunch - and I LOVED your commentary - especially the no foods were harmed bit :)

  11. So cute! The earth waffle is amazing :D

  12. Ok. I know I mentioned another one of your Bentos in my post last week but this Earth Bento is just so amazing that I mentioned you again this week too!!


    Blessings to you!
    Thanks for all the inspiration :)


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