Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Draft Day!

We're rather huge NFL fans in this household and Thursday night is DRAFT NIGHT! Finally!!

The fella is a diehard Lions fan.

I'm a diehard Colts fan. (Spare me your Peyton Manning condolences, please. I'm still in mourning.)

Believe it or not, my Little Miss is a HUGE football fan as well. She watches on Sunday afternoons with us religiously.

She has about 8 favorite teams, lol, so I chose one of them for her lunch tomorrow. Mostly because a star was the easiest to cut out that small for the helmet, hehe... and she really only loves the Cowboys because Sandy Squirrel (SpongeBob) is from Texas... I forgive her for it too. LOL

I had cut the helmet shaped sandwich made from gluten & nut free Udi's bread. It worked out awesome that curve of the bread worked with me for it! I repurposed the crust parts I had cut off to form the face mask.

The star is a piece of cheese I cut out with my mini star shaped stainless cutter and colored blue with a food safe marker.

The sandwich itself is filled with cream cheese & strawberry jam.
Below the sandwich are two celery sticks.

On the top right are turkey flowers I made/ cut with some baby carrots stuck in around them. I thought they kind of looked like a cheerleader pom-pom. :)
Top left is a football shaped container I found on clearance after Easter ~ woohoo! I think I paid $1 for a pack of three of these babies. I filled hers with apple slices.

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  1. Loves it! Football is big at our house too!

  2. Keeley - As always, you amaze me! What a great lunch idea. Thanks for including our gluten free bread!

  3. We love football too! Great ideas as usual. We're not Cowboy fans here but I agree that their emblem is nice and easy. ☺ Looks wonderful! (Love the little football)

  4. ~Cute lunch! The helmet looks Great! I love the cheerleader pom-pom. haha.


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