Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: “If you are lucky enough to be Irish, then you are lucky enough"

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Well, almost... Friday IS technically St. PRACTICE Day! ;) hehe

In case you missed it, Tuesday we did a St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop! Be sure to check it out and follow the links at the bottom of my post for some fantastic ideas!!

As the wonderful Ms. Myra pointed out, you don't need a shamrock shaped cutter to achieve a clover - if you have a mini heart cutter, you can put them together with a stem to create one!

Little Miss has a turkey and cheese Shamrock sandwich, made using Udi's gluten and nut free bread.
Below it are Sensible Portion brand Veggie Chips (gluten free) and above the chips are a few carrot pieces.

Top right is a gluten and nut free apple cinnamon muffin. Top left is vanilla yogurt that I swirled one drip of green food coloring into for some added green / St. Patty's Day fun.

Lunch is packed inside an EasyLunchBoxes container.


Now, one thing I don't post about are the fella's lunches. I actually pack his every night too. He goes to work anywhere between midnight to three AM, typically... He is also a creature of habit and eats the same thing (*boring!* lol)

He had some left over sub from a work gathering and so for me this was a big deal because it was actually *different* from his normal lunch packing! LOL, I even snuck it into a snapware box, bento style. (While he completely supports my blog, bento making, and healthy/fun lunches for Little Miss - he wants no part of it. Well HA! Tomorrow I win so :-P hehehehehehe)

It's still "manly" without being "cutesy" so he won't mind ;)


Have a safe and FUN St. Patrick's Day Weekend everyone!!

I leave you with this:
A picture of Little Miss from St. Patrick's Day 2010

I adore this picture!

She carried her Patrick doll around with her everywhere that day...
Because it was "Patrick's Day" - Duh, Mom! :)


  1. Little Miss is super cute with Patrick,she is brilliant! And I love your shamrock using a heart cutter :)

  2. I adore every picture of little miss. She is a doll! I love your blog too. Meg


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