Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: GF Pizza Muffins

I love pizza. So much so I would eat it if I could. I don't think my thighs would take too kindly to it, however. ;)
Little Miss loves pizza too (what kid doesn't, right?) so she and I baked up some gluten and nut free pizza muffins tonight using our Chebe bread mix.

Little Miss has a gluten-free, nut-free Chebe pizza muffin. We made these by making the dough, per the instructions just like our bread before, then added a bit of pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese in the center. I then pinched them closed around the fillings. Topped with a bit a cheese and voila! Great because I put some of them back into the freezer so she can eat on them in the upcoming weeks. :)

Next to the pizza muffin is a cup with rolled up turkey slices (it's actually just a slice and a half of deli turkey - I cut it into strips and then rolled it). Surrounding the silicon flower muffin cups are red seedless grapes.

Top left is mandarin oranges. Top right is purple and orange cauliflower, along with a hardboiled egg done in her bunny egg mold.

My egg molds were the first "lunch tool" (not counting lunch boxes or containers) I ever purchased about two... two and half years ago now. I love them!


  1. you can also make egg muffins with veggies in it or bacon. We are GF too and with 2 boys was hard but I love your post inspire me to look for more and I am making this pizza muffins for sure!

    1. Hi! Thanks for your kind comments. :)
      I actually have been making her egg cups - you're absolutely right, an easy great GF item! I made her spinach and zuchinni ones. They also keep in the freezer, so I pull them out the night before then microwave in the AM for breakfast. She's been loving them!
      I shared a little bit about them here:

  2. Oooh, I've made mini stromboli using biscuit dough with sauce, LF mozz cheese, and peperroni before. I like your idea with the muffin mix! I may have to try that. And I think I am finally going to cave and buy the flower silicon cups! Too cute! Thanks for the great ideas!
    Oh and your bunny turned out great! :) Mine was a fail this morning! haha

  3. PIZZA MUFFIN! OMG.... yum! I am with you on the pizza for every meal, everyday.


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