Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Orange you glad it's Thursday?

Little Miss was super excited when I showed her her brand new LunchBots Duo! She loves new bento goodies just as much as I do. :)
She loved it so much so she insisted I pack my lunch with my orange EasyLunchBoxes lid, so that we could match. I happily obliged!

Little Miss has on the left hand side of her LunchBot, the bottom of a plastic Easter egg containing two mini HomeFree vanilla cookies (Gluten and Nut Free).  Note to self: Mini HomeFree cookies fit perfectly inside plastic Easter Eggs. This would be a great for Little Miss's basket. Done!

There is a small flower shaped silicon cup containing flower cut carrots, done with my veggie cutters. She also has red seedless grapes and fresh strawberry slices, with two cute orange monkey fork picks. (She loves eating with these little guys!)

On the right hand side, there are three long stem picks that alternate between them with gluten free pancake bites I cut out into flower shapes, oven roasted deli turkey rolled up, and colby jack cheese bites. A few more flower cut carrots are placed on that side. It's all on top of a piece of romaine.

Mama's EasyLunchBox contains a romaine salad in the main compartment, along with a few sugar snap peas and a hard boiled egg. Top left is low fat cottage cheese. Top right is a red seedless grape and fresh strawberry fruit medley.


  1. Very cute!! Did you make the gluten free pancakes? My son loves pancakes, but I haven't made them yet for him since the diet change. I might attempt that this weekend.

    I also answered you about the bread on my blog. But it is Ener-G brand brown rice bread. He loves it!

  2. Yes, I did make the pancakes :) using leftovers in the lunchbox is always one of Little Miss's favorite things - she's a pancake lover too!

    Great to know about the bread - thank you!!

  3. Both of the lunches looks yummy and the two boxes really goes well :-)

  4. Both boxes are beautiful! I love what you did with the LunchBot! Great choice :)

  5. I love how your boxes match - girls day out! :)

  6. this might be strange, but how did you get the amazon ads in your blog? I haven't been able to figure it out since blogger changed

  7. Orange you glad it's the weekend? I am! Thanks for linking up at Thematic Thursday.


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