Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Going Batty...

After today, only three more "lunches" until Halloween! I am tired and a bleh this morning - here's what I came up with for today:

Two Sunbutter & Honey Sandwiches cutout with my bat shaped cookie cutter. Provalone on top with spooky green BC food writer pen eyes.

Surrounding the bats are a mixture of a Betty Crocker Halloween Shapes fruit snack, some Ghost Shaped Marshmallows, and Raisins.

Below the sandwiches is a bed of Matchstick Carrot with three slices of Oven Roasted Deli Turkey rolled ontop.

Top right is a fruit medley of Mandarin Oranges and Red Seedless Grapes

Bottom right is cupcake in a Pumpkin Cupcake Liner with matching Pumpkin Flag Pick.

Three different colored Bat rings are scattered throughout.


  1. I've only made 1 Halloween lunch so far, but am getting lots of great ideas for Monday's meal!

  2. Wow - super cute lunch! Your kids are so lucky! So very, very cute! I would love for you to link up at my TGIF Linky Party -


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