Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Happy It's Almost Friday Day! AKA Thursday.

Thursday is Almost Friday! *HAPPY DANCE*
I love getting up Thursday morning knowing the weekend is fast approaching. :)
Should I start a countdown now, or....? lol

Today's lunch is a mini-bagel turkey sandwich, a colby cheese stick (cut in half), mott's healthy harvest strawberry applesauce, one of her peanut free choc. chip cookies we made, some blueberries & carrots cut into flower shapes, a hardboiled egg done in her bear egg mold, and a juice box. 

Again, SO much food in one cute little container = Happy Haley (and a Happy Mama).  

If you don't own any, you have to get these egg molds:

I bought mine (shown in picture above) on Amazon about a year ago and my daughter absolutely loves them!
They work best if immediately after boiling the eggs, you peel them when still slightly warm and put them into the molds. They tend to form and take the shape more vivid when warm as opposed to when the eggs are cold. After I put them in the molds, I just stick them right into the fridge until I'm ready to use!

They also make them in sets featuring a heart and star OR a car and a fish.
I actually just bought her the heart and star set as well since I'm using them more frequently now. A simple way to add some fun to what can be a boring/ plain egg. :)


Let me know your thoughts!

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