Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Recycling Strawberry Containers

This is a cute idea for recycling those plastic strawberry containers!
Not only that - if your kids lose or forget it at school, no biggy... I buy strawberries every week. lol :)

Before washing & drying the strawberry container, I peeled off the strawberry label on top.
I packed her sandwich halves ontop of one another into the container, along with a juice box, strawberry applesauce, hard boiled egg, and two tootsie rolls (for dessert - one of her faves). I also snuck in a small spoon for the applesauce you'll see tucked behind her sandwich.

After closing the container, I put one of the stickers I made on top of the container where the strawberry label once was.

To make sure that the container stayed shut, I placed a rubber band around it and then tied a cute Hello Kitty ribbon over the rubber band.

She absolutely loved it! She actually asked me to do it every day for her... lol, oh kids! Who knew a container I throw in our recycle bin every week would be such a hit. :)


  1. That's awesome K! I usually just give our containers to Sam for her kitchen / grocery cart. It's a good way for her to learn to sort the fruits from the veggies. BUT, I love this idea! I'm gonna have to do this over the summer! (-Krista)

  2. It would be a great use for field trip days too, when you don't want the kids to lose their lunch box and a bit more fun than just a plain brown bag. :)

  3. Hi, I'm Taced from Italy. I also use this contaniner for lunch (or for picnic)... great recycling idea!
    If you want, visit my blog here:

    Bye bye, Taced

  4. Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog, Taced!
    I'll be sure to check yours out.
    You're right - it would be great for picnics as well!


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