Monday, June 27, 2016

Welcome to Nashville! #EatFreelyUSA

#EatFreelyUSA is sponsored by Enjoy Life Foods

The first stop on our #EatFreelyUSA tour was Nashville. I had never been before but it was for sure a city on my bucket list - I couldn't wait for the music, the history, and the FOOD. 

What is #EatFreelyUSA? In case you missed the intro video, you can check that out by clicking here

Erica and I managed to eat our way through the city and even attend an award show while there. We found tons of delicious gluten free & allergen friendly eateries aaaaand may have also found a karaoke sound booth. Maybe... we'll see if that video ever surfaces. 

First, check out the video of our Nashville adventure to see all the fun we had and places we explored:

Here are some of my favorite places we explored:
  • Nashville Farmers Market: An indoor/ outdoor market open 362 days a year. Squash, peaches, art, fresh herbs, flowers, cute shops, coffee, and eateries inside. 
  • Vegan Vee Bakery: A dedicated gluten free & vegan bakery (egg free, dairy free) and also peanut free. Loacted in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville. The donuts, oh my goodness! They also had muffins, cakes, truffles, cookies, and cupcakes. Highly recommended! I even managed to bring a donut home for Little Miss to try. (I ate everything else, hehehe.)
  • The Wild Cow: Located in East Nashville, this vegan/vegetarian restaurant has a huge selection of gluten free menu items and is great with handling specialty diets. The menu is easy to navigate with GF items noted in red. Imagine a place where dairy-free sour cream is the norm! It was great and I left so full.
  • Frothy Monkey: So many people commented that we had to check out Frothy Monkey, so Erica and I were able to sneak over to the Downtown location (they have multiple locations in the area) for a light breakfast and coffee. Not just any coffee though, specialty drinks like Orange Lavender Lattes, Coconut Cream, and Rosewater Mint. I had a Rosemary & Honey Latte with non-dairy milk. It was so aromatic and smooth. A perfect start to the day!
  • A Matter of Taste (AMOT): A dedicated gluten free restaurant in East Nashville. Everything from chicken and waffles, to biscuits, sandwiches, and fritters. The decor inside was what I'd call industrial chic. The best part was being able to meet up with Kelly of Raising Jack for lunch.
  • Local Taco: Another East Nashville eatery. We unfortunately didn't get time to eat the tacos, but made a point to step inside to chat with them and learn more. I love tacos, so I was also thrilled to see they have multiple locations. Hopefully I'm able to try them in the future!
  • Jacks BBQ: Finding some BBQ was a must for me. Finding one that handles allergies & gluten free as well as they do was so a great surprise! We alerted them when ordering and they changed their gloves, cutting boards, knives, and pulled fresh meat from the smoker. I now the fella was jealous when I sent him a photo of my brisket! We went to the Downtown location.
  • Downtown Nashville: Now, we were both fortunate and unfortunate that the CMT Music Awards were going on while we were there. Fortunate, because we were able to attend the show and see some really famous people. Unfortunate, because it was so busy and we weren't able to go everywhere we wanted. That being said, I loved the vibe walking downtown. There were so many great bars/ restaurants, shops, and live music. It's definitely a place I'd like to go back and explore more... not during the CMT Awards. 
  • Hatch Show Print: I admittedly didn't know anything about Hatch Show Print before our trip. Erica taught me all about their history and this super cool historic letterpress shop. I loved walking through it and seeing all the colorful vintage designs. A place you could easily go broke!
  • Country Music Hall of Fame: Denim, flannel, guitars, Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and even a live appearance while we were there from Dierks Bentley! I enjoyed learning more about the history of country music, but my favorite part was probably seeing all the old costumes and instruments. 

A special thank you to Enjoy Life Foods for sponsoring our epic adventures and travel.
Where will we be next? STAY TUNED!

Follow along live while we travel by using the hashtag #EatFreelyUSA



  1. Thanks for sharing- all looks soooo delicious! Glad you had a safe eating journey ;)

  2. Traveling can be so stressful, I love hearing other people's personally experiences!

  3. Nashville is high on my places to visit right now - and eat, so thanks for all the great info!

  4. I loved watching your whole adventure- it looked so fun!

  5. Definitely one of the ways to get to know a place is the food, love that you are showing how to do it and feel good

  6. One of my best friends is taking her daughter to Nashville next week--will have to share this post! Everything looks incredible. :)

  7. I so want to go to Nashville! What a fun trip for you guys. Enjoy! :)

  8. You two are so cute! What a fun adventure. I'll have to learn from you for my trips!

  9. How awesome is this! I want to eat my way through Nashville!

  10. Nashville is on my list of places I need to see sometime...looks awesome.

  11. As if I didn't have enough of a desire to go to Nashville...this may put it over the top!


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