Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lunch Made Easy: NFL Super Bowl Celebration!

If you've followed our site for a while, or know me personally, you're well aware that I am an NFL junkie.

It's true. I'm obsessed. I even was champion of my Fantasy Football League this year (yeahhh that's right! In a league of guys, the girl won! WOOT!)

I have my favorite team - the Colts, being an Indy girl at heart - so of course, in this years Super Bowl, I'm routing for Peyton Manning. Notice I did not say the Denver Broncos, I said Peyton Manning. ;) 

Anyways, my love affair with all things NFL has rubbed off on my Little Miss. Her favorite team? The Carolina Panthers. (She loves "Cam Cam", as she calls him.) However, we'll be butting heads during the Big Game because she also loves Russell Wilson (she likes to repeat her favorite Deion Sanders line "First Name Russell, Last Name Wilson" from the NFL Network -- see, told you we're junkies!)

For lunch, I made Little Miss a helmet shaped sandwich using Udi's gluten, nut, soy, & dairy free bread. 
Also packed is an Enjoy Life Foods Top 8 & Gluten Free Cocoa Loco Bar, carrot sticks, and cutouts (I thought they kind of looks like cheerleader pom poms -- did you know there are no NFL cheerleaders during the Super Bowl? Fun fact.) 
The football shaped plastic eggs are filled with apple dices that I soaked in apple juice to keep from browning.
The lunchbox itself is made by Fit&Fresh. I was lucky to find it on clearance last summer, I believe, at Burlington Coat Factory (of all places!) for $3.00. I couldn't resist! Little Miss just loves it. 


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