Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{Lunchbox Love} Valentine's Day Cards! #LBLmoms #LBLholiday

Lunchbox Love Notes are one of my favorite items to have on hand for Little Miss' special school lunches

They come with sweet sayings, fun facts, and even jokes. They can give inspiration for a fun themed lunch, teach your kiddos a new fact for the day, or even lift their spirits by telling them thank you or that you're proud of them and all their hard work.

I know my daughter loves when I sneak them into her lunch box. She loves knowing her Mama is thinking of her and sharing the fun facts with her friends.

Valentine's Day is no exception thanks to Lunchbox Love's Valentine's Day Cards! Perfect for lunches or sharing with friends. 

Last year, we shared this sweet idea using them for her Valentine's Day Class Treats at school. 

We made our gluten free & allergy friendly pie pops and attached the cards with ribbons for each of her classmates. They loved getting their own special fun fact card for Valentine's Day!

We've already been enjoying our new packs for 2014 with some loving Valentine's Day inspired school lunches. 

The two volume pack comes with 24 special Valentine's Day cards. Each card has a heartfelt message on the front and an animal fun fact on the backside. 

Order now so you can share these adorable and unique cards with your friends, family, and child's classmates for Valentine's Day! www.sayplease.com

You can also save 15% with my special promo code for KeeleyMcGuire.com readers: LBLKMGB 


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