Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lunch Made Easy: Spaghetti Sandwich #Leftovers

When we have {gluten free} spaghetti for dinner, Little Miss loves when I make "garlicky toast" (as she calls it) along side.

I typically make our garlic bread by toasting in the oven Udi's bread and/or bun slices (whatever is handy), add Earth Balance spread, garlic, and a little Italian seasoning.

Little Miss takes her slices and forks her spaghetti right on top of the slice eating it like an open faced sandwich. That's her absolute favorite way to eat it. Whyyyy it never occurred to me to pack up leftovers that way for her school lunch until now, is beyond me... but when I asked her if that's what she wanted, she gave a very excited "YES!" in reply. 

We actually ran out of Udi's bread with dinner *gasp*! Since I couldn't sleep and had promised to make her this for lunch with the leftovers, I baked up a loaf of Breads from Anna Gluten Free Herb Bread. 

If you've never had Breads for Anna before, it's delicious. Gluten, dairy, rice, corn, soy, and nut free. Lots of yummy mixes to choose from. 

I took two slices of bread and toasted it as I normally would but also added some shredded mozzarella cheese to it. You can omit for dairy free or sub with a non-dairy option, if you prefer. Then placed the leftover spaghetti in the middle and sandwiched it between the slices. 

Also packed is a baby apple and side salad topped with shredded carrot & zucchini inside an EasyLunchboxes container.

Try this out sometime with leftover spaghetti! Great for work or school. (Now I'm hungry...)


PS: In case your wondering: Little Miss will most likely eat this cold/ at room temperature. We both happen to love cold pasta. :) 
To keep the sandwich from getting soggy, use the same tips we gave for packing grilled cheese, which you can find by clicking HERE


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