Monday, September 23, 2013

Beary Special Birthday Ideas! {Bear Party Theme}

Coming up with budget friendly and creative birthday party ideas is something I love doing. 

You don't have to spend a fortune to create an unique and fun themed party for your kids.

Last year, Little Miss had a "Bear Themed Birthday Bash". When my friends at Surf Sweets heard this, they asked me to share some of our beary special birthday ideas on the blog!

I've done the over-the-top home parties and last year I decided having the party "somewhere else" was best. Less stress, less clean-up, and still tons of fun. So, Little Miss had a Build-A-Bear party. 

All the girls received special VIP Party Passes in the mail along with their invitations. They were the name badges for the event that I placed inside a name badge holder with colorful lanyard for them to wear. That way, they were easily identified as one of our party members when we arrived at the store. I made the badges myself on the computer, so there was little cost involved.

I gave the store the dollar amount I wanted to spend for each child, and they were able to each pick out an animal and clothing while staying within my intended budget. They had such a blast!

Afterward, we all went to the food court to enjoy their bears, party favors, bear themed drinks, and an allergy friendly dessert. 

Creating the fun at home is just as easy! 

You can find adorable stuffed bears at the dollar store to decorate the table with and even send home with the kids afterward as party of their favor bags.

Remember, kids really prefer finger foods and fun bright colors so keep it simple and make everything easily attainable for them.

Want to create different tiers and heights on your tablescape? Here's my secret...

Ta-da! You don't need to own a million fancy tiered dishes... just hide whatever is handy under the table cloth to create different heights and add visual interest.

One of the biggest hits at Little Miss' party were the honey bear drink bottles. You can save your existing ones and recycle them for FREE for the party OR purchase empty ones online. Insert a straw for drinking right in the spout for a fun bottle guests can take home too, when the party is over.

The same goes for our bear shaped cupcake holders. At Little Miss' party we filled them with gluten free brownies, here they each hold a chocolate chip muffin instead. We let all the girls take theirs home with them to enjoy.

Cute bear shaped cutout jelly sandwiches are an easy fix and fun addition to a kids themed party. They'll love the fun themed shapes! 

To make it an easy grab and for perfect portions, we filled cupcake liners with our Surf Sweets Snack Mix to go with their yummy fruits and veggie sides. 

By serving them up in cupcake liners, you don't have to worry with kids taking too much or sticking their hands in a giant bowl to dish it out on their plates. This makes it easy for guests to put one on each of their plates, inexpensively.

The fun pails that I've placed silverware and napkins in were purchase at Hobby Lobby two parties ago. They were a fun and colorful investment because I can use them for years to come at different parties. I think they were only one dollar each to begin with! Hardly a dent in the pocket book to add some fun.

Treat bags can also be made inexpensively. Paper or plastic bags typically come 12/pack for about $2.00 each. I purchased these adorable reusable totes from the dollar store that came 3/pack for one dollar! You can decorate them with paint or permanent marker, as well.

At Little Miss' party, we gave each of the girls crayons, a small notepad, bracelet, lip gloss, stickers, small pack of gummy bears to go with her bear theme. 

With Surf Sweets Gummy Bears & candies, the kids are getting a "better for you" candy. Organic and made with real fruit juice. Gluten Free and free from the Top 10 Allergens, corn syrup, and GMO's. I love knowing they're getting vitamin C, while they thinking they're just getting sweets & candy. ;)

So grab your honey bear bottles, Surf Sweets, and have a Beary Special Birthday Bash!

Get our Surf Sweets Snack Mix recipe here.


his post was sponsored by SurfSweets. All opinions are completely my own and based on our experiences and likings. Read our full Disclosure Statement here


  1. The honey bear drink container idea is so cute! I don't know if I could overcome the mental block of drinking out of a honey container though. :)

  2. So cute! Love these ideas, Keeley!

  3. wow! What a great idea. I really like the fact that the children got to dress up the stuffed animals. I must say that those bear sandwiches look tasty. Thanks for sharing. I have a 5 year old who's turning 6 in 1 month. I'm trying to get ideas & this one is perfect.

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