Friday, February 1, 2013

Lunch Made Easy: {Allergy Friendly} School Lunch Boxes ~ This Week in Bento!

Alas, another week of two snow days off from school. Lucky kid! Make this mama's week a bit hectic though, again. The joys of living in Michigan, I suppose!

With the snow days, we only packed three school lunches so here is our round-up from this week in {Allergy Friendly} Fast, Fresh, & Easy Bentos:

This weeks lunches were nothing over the top, just simple and delicious with fun picks and cups to bring a little more fun to her lunch boxes!

For those managing multiple food allergies, Tuesday's lunch is a great example of a deliciously simple Top 8 Allergy Free School Lunch. 

Her chocolate chip muffin was made using King Arthur Flour's Gluten Free Muffin Mix and Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips. Both of these are made in a Top 8 Allergen Free facility. 

She also has pear dices, carrot sticks, turkey roll-ups, and grapes. Just be sure you check your turkey brands, to ensure it's free from to meet your needs. 

Another simple lunch on Wednesday, that was brought to life by adding a couple fun silicone cups and fork picks to eat with. 

Little Miss had Gluten Free Chicken Apple Sausage dices, a cup of pear dices, Allergy Friendly BoomChickaPop Popcorn, apples slices, and a spinach side salad.

This lunch is Gluten, Tree Nut, Peanut, & Egg Free. It can be made Dairy Free by subbing the cheese on the side salad, as well. 

Since Sunday is the Superbowl, we had to have a little bit of football fun for Friday!

Little Miss has a SunButter & honey sandwich on Udi's Gluten, Nut, Dairy, & Soy Free bread. She has has turkey roll-up and held with two girly football cupcake rings. In the paper liner beside it are plantain chips. Finishing off her lunch are carrot sticks and red seedless grapes. 

This lunch could also be made Egg Free and/or Top 8 Free, depending on the brand of bread you choose. 

All her lunches this week were packed in EasyLunchboxes container, from the new Brights collection ~ She loves all the fun new colored lids! 

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  1. Dear Keeley, your lunches are just so cute! That is all :) XO

  2. Where did you find those sweet football helmet cupcake rings? Did you order them from Amazon?

  3. I love these lunch ideas!!! When I saw the pics, I thought "Kelley is my new favorite person!" My extremely picky eater is now 11 y.o., but I may tempt her to try new foods if I put the effort into making them look attractive.
    Thanks for the ideas PLUS shopping sources.


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