Monday, January 28, 2013

Fresh Kits: The Ultimate Snack for the Game! By Pure Flavor {Review}

My football lovin' family was fortunate to be given the opportunity to review Fresh Kits by Pure Flavor... and just in time for the BIG GAME this Sunday! 

A fresh food kit containing all the ingredients you need in one convenient package. Each contains recipe suggestions, breathable flow wrap design, and a recyclable tray. Perfect for parties, tailgating, side dishes, or appetizers!

Who is Pure Flavor?
Pure Flavor products are made possible by technological advancements in the Hydroponic industry. This technology gives the ability to grow produce anywhere, anytime. This is hopeful for developing countries or those not suitable for conventional farming. 

They are Pure Hot House foods, incorporating Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs) with strict safety policies in place, along with regular audits by the Global Food Safety Initiative. The foods are raised in a pollution free and packed with sunshine environment. 

What are the key advantages?
Efficient use of fertilizers and water, minimal use of land area, maximum disease and pest control, isolation of the crop soil, and year round production. 

Back to the good stuff... THE FOOD!

I was given the opportunity to try their three new Fresh Kits - the Fresh Salsa Kit, Fresh Caprese Kit, & Fresh Guacamole Kit. As mentioned above, each kit is packed with all the fresh ingredients you'll need. 

Intimidated to make your first batch of guacamole? Don't be! These kits give you everything you need and step-by-step instructions so you can WOW your friends and family with your mad kitchen skills. ;) 

How easy is it? I had all three of these babies whipped up in about thirty minutes. Perfect for last minute guests, a quick appetizer fix, or for the big game this Sunday so you're not stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is enjoying the television! 

Rather than the traditional Caprese, we served ours up chopped and with our Baked Gluten Free Chips. I drizzled the oil over the chips and garnished with two additional fresh basil leaves so we could stack and enjoy. It was delicious! 

Get your kits for the BIG GAME ON SUNDAY!
To learn more, follow Pure Flavor on Facebook or Twitter.  


  1. Makes it convenient to have everything in one kit, and instructions on the amount of seasonings is always helpful. Would be interesting to try!

  2. Hi Keeley,
    Thanks, I'm now drooling on my keyboard. I know this has nothing to do with SunButter, but I just must comment because we're a fellow football-lovin' fam and NOW I know what I'm creating for Sunday. Take care and thanks, yet again, for the great insights and info.


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