Monday, February 11, 2013

Food for Thought: Treat Your Valentine to Maplehurst Bakery {Peanut Free} Cupcakes!

Last fall, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to review Maplehurst Bakery {Peanut Free} Cupcakes. Well, you can only guess my enthusiasm when they asked me to do a write-up again and try their seasonal Valentine's Day cupcakes currently for sale. Umm, yes please! (A woman does not turn down cupcakes, no sir!) 

When I reviewed the cupcakes last fall (you can read that post HERE), I was able to try three different varieties of their cupcakes from my local Walmart. Well, this time... I found NINE different varieties of Peanut Free cupcakes for sale! WOO! 

Yeah, you can imagine my household for the last week... nine dozen cupcakes sitting on my counters. Oy! Not good for this lady's waistline - Thankfully, friends and coworkers were happy to oblige and try all the yummy flavors with us! ;)

I purchased the following flavors and varieties of mini cupcakes (pictured from left to right above): Mini Chocolate with Buttercreme Icing, Cookies & Creme, Pink Sweethearts, Snickerdoodles, Confetti with Buttercreme Icing, Chocolate Chip with Vanilla Icing, Triple Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Golden Vanilla. 

If you read my last post, you already know the Red Velvet's and I have a personal relationship... *ahem* 

I purchased my cupcakes at Walmart, but they are also sold at the following stores:


With Maplehurst peanut free products, each package is carefully noted as a {Peanut Free} product for your comfort and making them easy to find.

On the left above are special labels that are used at Walmart retail locations. The cupcakes are made by Maplehurst for Walmart, however, please make sure you look for the packages that have the peanut free logo and say "Made in a Peanut Free Facility" or "Peanut Free Product" on the label. 

I say this because Walmart has similar brown colored labels on other items they sell in the bakery department. The logo and special "Peanut Free" notes are your friends for safety! 

Pictured on the right above are the standard Maplehurst peanut free labels you will find on their cupcake packages -- Notice the peanut free logo in the upper right corner. 

Rest assured, Maplehurst is committed to providing safe cupcakes for those with allergies:

·  No peanuts or tree nuts are utilized in the manufacturing of products at the Manchester facility.
·  No peanuts or tree nuts are warehoused within the Manchester facility.
·  The equipment at the Manchester facility is not used to manufacture anything containing peanuts or tree nuts.
·  Maplehurst tests for the presence of peanuts and peanut products in the Manchester facility. However, due to the lack of accurate and reliable testing methods for detecting the presence of all tree nuts, Maplehurst cannot and therefore does not make the claim that its products are “tree nut-free.”
·  Products made and labeled in the Manchester facility bear a “peanut-free” logo and/or a statement that claims “Made in a peanut-free facility.”

With that kind of commitment and yummy assurance, you can surprise your child's peanut free class with yummy baked treats or even your own family with a sweet treat after dinner on Valentine's Day!

Above is a fun serving idea: I put one of the Mini Chocolate with Buttercreme Icing Cupcakes inside a glass with chocolate ice cream. Of course, after taking the photo, I had to eat it... Wouldn't want to waste it, ya know. I'm sure you feel so sorry for me! ;) 

No matter how you serve or share them... or don't share them, RUN and keep them for yourself!! *ahem* Everyone is sure to enjoy these delicious peanut free cupcakes. Thanks Maplehurst!

You can check out Maplehurst Bakery online at or follow along on Twitter @PNutFreeCupcake


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