Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lunch Made Easy: Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day!

I've been posting our lunches in a fun round-up on Friday's, which I will still be doing this week, but since today is a special one it deserved it's own fun post!

Happy Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day
Fat Tuesday / Mardi Gras
Say that ten times fast. ;) 

Little Miss has a Mardi Gras mask gluten free pancake with sprinkles. I colored around the eye holes with a green food safe marker. I made the 'feathers' from strips of a large carrot. 

She also has a 'confetti' spinach side salad and a cup of pear dices & blueberries with a fun Mardi Gras themed pick.

An example how just a little fun food placement can turn an ordinary lunch into a fun festive theme!  

Allergy Friendly Notes:
  • Use King Arthur Gluten Free Pancake Mix to keep this lunch allergy free. Their mixes are made in a Top 8 free facility.
  • Swap the cheese on the salad for non-dairy rice or soy cheese for dairy free

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  1. Love this! You are SO creative!!

  2. Very cute! Love it 😀. Love the one from last year too!

  3. So cute! Love the way you made the "feathers".

  4. Gotta hide this from my girl, or I'll send her your way...LOL!! You definitely make cute lunches, girl :)


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