Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Tacos for Her, Nachos for Me!

Taco night is always a hit at our house, especially to Little Miss. She would have them twice a week if she could, lol...

I love taco night because that means leftovers for the easylunchboxes the next day!
Lunch = done.

There was *actually* enough left this time (I knowingly bought a little more ground beef than typical) for us both to have it in our lunches. Woo!

Little Miss has her EasyLunchBox complete with two corn shell tacos, broccoli salad mix, and mandarin oranges.

Mama has her leftover taco meat and cheese in a small silicone dish so I can heat it up in the microwave to enjoy with my tortilla chips. I also have baby carrots, a few cauliflower bites, and watermelon dices.


  1. Looks delicious! Wonder if C would like this when school starts? We do love taco

  2. Yummy! Taco night is always the best :D

  3. Looks delish! What is in your broccoli salad? Is that just carrots broccoli and ranch?

  4. Looks great , but how do you keep the taco meet warm for Little Miss's lunch or for that matter how do you keep the shells from not getting soggy? Any tips
    I have a very particular eater and she will not stand for soggy taco shells!!!

  5. Are those mini taco shells? If not, I am amazed that you can fit two shells into the easy lunch boxes like that. There is no way I could fit two shells into ours like that.

  6. I love the little containers that hold the watermelon and taco meat. Where could i find them?


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