Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Piggy Cupcakes

I'm sure you're wondering "what the hey is a Piggy Cupcake?"
Here, I'll show you! :)

The idea behind these Piggy Cupcakes was actually inspired by the fella! One of his favorite meals in the entire world is a simple kraut & kielbasa dish, made in the crockpot - aka "The Man Meal".

Little Miss has never been a fan of kraut. Even when I was making the bread dough, she gagged at the smell of the kraut when I added it (lol, drama!) -- I am here to tell you, after they were done baking... she tried it... and LOVED it. She ate TWO of them!! *Score another one for Mama!*

So now, my prep ahead lunchbox item for the fella is now a hit for Little Miss too. :) So much so, I decided to stick one in her LunchBots Duo for Wednesday.

Interested in the recipe? I shared it today over on the MOMables blog! Check it out!!
(The recipe is Egg Free and, of course, Gluten Free too!)

Besides the Piggy Cupcake, Little Miss also has packed some red seedless grapes, baby carrots, broccoli, dip, and a hard boiled egg made in our fish shaped egg mold.

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