Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: MOMables Monday - Special Moms Day Off Edition

I hope all of my Mom's, Mama's, Mommy's, Madres, etc had a FABULOUS day today!
Little Miss made her entire lunch by herself this evening. Giving this Mama the night off from lunch making her lunch, yet still getting to have fun watching and seeing her be so proud of her own creations. Priceless!

I let her look over the MOMables menu plan for this week to get some ideas and inspiration. When she saw the PB&J Sandwich, her eyes lit up because that meant she could make herself her favorite: SunButter & Jelly! (Child would eat it every meal if I'd let her, LOL)

She opted for Udi's bread in lieu of a bagel because she wanted to have at her choice of our cookie cutters to have some fun with her sandwich.

She opted for a flower shape. After cutting her bread, she carefully spread on her SunButter & Jelly... then went to town decorating and filling the rest of her EasyLunchBoxes container!

Taking a cue from her MOMables menu, she had me help slice some apples then she made them into bite size squares using our FunBites CubeIt cutter.

She then chose some VeggieChips and dip for the other small compartment.

PS: Making flower carrot coins is hard work!
But I think she was determined to use as many tools and cutters as possible, lol...

Using our Betty Crocker Easy Writer food safe pens, she carefully decorated her flower carrots and placed them in her EasyLunchBox.

She was so proud of her finished product, she wanted to make her school snack too when she was done with lunch.

For snack in her LunchBots Duo, she cut out pieces of watermelon using our mini star, heart, bear, butterfly, and tulip cutter.
On the other side is a slice of ham I helped her roll up and a silicon cup with some KinniKritters animal cookies (gluten, nut, dairy/casein, and egg free).

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Thanks a million!!

Some of my other blogger Mama's got the day off too!
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  1. Hahaha... my girls made the same faces while using the cutters! hehe Super cute bento Little Miss!!!!

  2. I love the lunch she made and that she was so inspired she made snack, too :) So cute!

  3. So beautiful! You can tell she was working really really hard!

  4. great work! I love your coloured carrot flowers :)

  5. Cute lunch and adorable little girl! I need to start collecting cutters and such... my daughter would have loved to have decorated her lunch more!

  6. Soooo cute! It looks like she had a blast.

  7. She did great! My daughter took notes on the cutters used. We think it was very pretty :)

  8. My daughter would have wanted to use as many tools as possible too. If only the little stinker would have agreed to make a lunch! You tell Little Miss I love her beautiful healthy lunch and snack!

  9. She's got some confidence :) Definitely has your eye for composition. Well done Little Miss!

  10. Love her lunch and the adorable faces she was making while creating it!

  11. I just adore that little girl of yours! She did great!

  12. I am loving her expressiveness :) Thanks for coming to my Bento Kids Link Party!


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