Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Some Bunny Loves You!

Hey-yo! My bento blogger friends and I are having a Bunny Hop! Make sure you check out the bottom the post for more details! ;-)

Little Miss has a Bunny shaped gluten and nitrate free turkey and cheese sandwich, on gluten free bread.
He has a mini marshmallow smooshed and stuck on with a dab of honey for his tail (I saw this idea over at Bobbi's Bentos - so cute).
The cupcake liner in the main compartment contains Pirates Booty (gluten and nut free, aged cheddar puffs).
The plastic Easter egg in the corner (lid not pictured) has Annie's gluten and nut free vanilla and chocolate Bunny shaped cookies in it. (Note: Not all Annie's products are peanut free, read all labels carefully. These cookies specifically state made in peanut & tree nut free facility.)
Top left are the bunny's favorite - carrots of course ;-) with dip.
Top right is a small container with vanilla yogurt with freshly diced strawberries around it so Little Miss can mix them in when she eats it. Plus a festive "Happy Easter" pick.
Lunch is packed inside an EasyLunchBoxes container.

When it comes to times of year like Christmas and Easter, we try our hardest to make sure Little Miss knows the "reason for the season" - that Jesus is at the core and all the other stuff is just for fun. It's not about a basket full of candy, but the gift that He gave to us.
I often struggle incorporating that theme into lunches without making it "cheesy" or a mess of it! So I thought she would love this a note I wrote on a Lunchbox Love Note. :)


Follow the Bunny Booty!
I mean, Bunny Hop to check out all the Easter/Spring/Bunny lunches!!

Next up: The FABULOUS Chef Corey of FamilyFreshMeals!


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