Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: MOMables Monday

Welcome to the next installment in MOMables Monday. :)In case you missed last weeks post, each Monday I'll be drawing inspiration and ideas from the awesome menu planning lunches provided by MOMables.

I used this lunch for inspiration for Monday's lunch for Little Miss:

Since Little Miss is not eating gluten/ wheat, I instead gave her a sandwich on gluten and peanut free bread. It consists of a egg, cheese, and meat omelet rather than wrapping it in a tortilla.
Little Miss saw as I was packing this up earlier and said "ooo breakfast for lunch! My favorite!" :) Score.
She also has a mandarin orange and grape fruit medley.
The other side compartment has snap pea crisps and veggie chips with a small container of dip.
Lunch is packed inside an EasyLunchboxes container.

Be sure to check out MOMables for a FREE sample menu.
Right now you can still get your hands on a FREE weeks worth of menus by checking out this recent blog post - no signing up, no gimmicks, just a free PDF download so you can check it out for yourself.
MOMables is great for inspiration and can easily be adapted to your dietary needs.


  1. Looks delicious and it is great that you show how easy recipes are adaptable for people with allergies :)

  2. Yummers! Those crispy peas are soooo addicting :)


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