Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: MOMables Monday, Silly Monkey!

Tomorrow is Monday - That means it's another MOMables Monday at our house!

This recipe for the MOMables "Silly Monkey" sandwich not only sounded delicious but I knew I could have some fun with, as well. :)

To make our sandwich friendly for Little Miss, I used SunButter in lieu of Almond Butter and gluten & nut free bread slices. Yummo! Little Miss loves SunButter & Bananas so this sammie is SURE to be a hit!

The monkey face is a play on the fabulous monkey that VeggieBento made.

This "Silly Monkey" has his facial features made from cheese and an all-natural apricot fruit leather strip. I cut the pieces by hand with a knife. A dab of honey and/or SunButter under the pieces act like "glue" to hold them in place. 

Little Miss also has in her EasyLunchBoxes container watermelon dices, cauliflower florets, and baby carrots.

Want to learn more and see more from MOMables? Click here to see a FREE sample menu! There's also a weeks worth of menus available for FREE by clicking this link - HERE. Nothing to fill out - just a free PDF download so you can see how it works and give it a try.


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