Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lundh Made Easy: Let's Go Racin'

So first let me start of by saying, this did not turn out at all how I wanted it too... lol, again an idea in my head but just could not execute the way I wanted. Ugh! I'm glad it's FRIDAY tomorrow...

For those of you that don't know, we're BIG Nascar fans (*insert redneck joke here: _________*)
It's true - I love it. Maybe it's from growing up in Indiana and going to the the Brickyard... watching Indy cars. We'd watch them practice and eat picnics in the infield. :) Great memories.

Little Miss happens to love watching Nascar too. I think when she was little it was something about watching the bright cars go whizzing by and the sounds. Now, she watches and knows the drivers, their numbers, and even most of the sponsors. lol

Whenever the fella and I go to a track, we always have to bring her home a souvenir. Between he and I both, we've been to Sprint cup races at MIS multiple times, Daytona, Bristol, Chicagoland, & Charlotte.

For those of you that don't know (or don't care but I'm educating you anyways, hehe) this weekend is the Daytona 500! *Oh memories!* So to mark the start of the Nascar season, I decided to make Little Miss a racing themed lunch (well I tried anyways, lol)...

I made Little Miss a car shaped SunButter & Honey sandwich, using two HomeFree cookies for the wheels. (They kinda make it look like a monster truck in proportion.)
#88 - Dale Jr is her favorite driver, so I wrote 88 on a piece of all-natural fruit leather.
There are blueberries I thought looked like people in the crowd. Or the sky, whatever. ;)
Also included a checkerboard apple. (Checkerboard apple... Checkered Flag...get it...)

In a separate container, Little Miss has a spinach side salad a small container filled with a bit of dressing, a few veggie chips, and a piece of cheese with the word NASCAR written on it.

The fella could tell I wasn't too happy with it (wish I could've done better/ done more with the theme), he got a big grin and said he knew she'd love it.... And I know she will - she loves anything with race cars, seriously. That's all that matters. :)


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  2. Perfect NASCAR inspired lunch! I bet he was super excited :)

  3. Keeley, this is SO cute, have to show my hubby later. He is a huge Nascar and Formula1 fan. I love it!

  4. Way tooooo cooool! I know a ton of Nascar peeps who would love this!!! Gotta pin this one!


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