Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Little Miss & Mama Bentos

Today was the fellas birthday ~ We had a great dinner out as a lil' fam but that also meant getting home late and then squeezing in bed time stories, teeth brushing, etc for Little Miss so she wouldn't be up too much later than normal bed time (an hour past normal isn't that bad, right!?) :) Then Mama went to work on lunches.

Little Miss has apple slices with Biscoff Spread between them in the upper left compartment.
Top right is a banana chocolate chip muffin (I baked this Tuesday night, they are delish btw).

The main compartment has handcut flower carrots, with a few carrot sticks also tucked in on the left side next to the small container of cottage cheese (lid not pictured).
Beside the cottage cheese are two roll-ups of oven roasted deli turkey and colby jack cheese. Rolled up and then cut, securted with two pink triangle picks.
There are two circular yellow picks with alternating blueberries & red seedless grapes on each.

Mama's lunch is a romaine lettuce salad with a slice of oven roasted deli turkey tore up in it. Top left is red seedless grapes. Top right is a banana chocolate chip muffin, like the one in Little Miss's lunch.

Both are packed in EasyLunchBox containers.


  1. Yummo! Have you posted that muffin recipe before? They sound awesome. I need to get good and baking and freezing muffins for future breakfasts and snacks :)

  2. Nice lunch Keeley:) The roll ups and picks looks like a house to me, my imagination is going wild!

  3. I was thinking the same thing. The triangle picks make the turkey rollups look like a house surrounded by carrot flowers. Cute!


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