Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Snowy Lunch for a Snowy Day

As I type, the snow is coming down outside... it has been since late afternoon here. *sigh*
Little Miss was excited though ~ She said it looked like Christmas! Then asked to go build a snowman... lol, so the lunch for Wednesday is fitting. :)

PS: 25 Days left until Christmas!!


I made the snowman out of marshmallows, carrot piece for the nose, food gel for the buttons and eyes, and my red Betty Crocker Food Writer pen for the mouth. I used my little bone picks for his arms.
I made the top hat pick by using an existing long stem pick I had. I printed a picture of a top hat clip art off the computer and attached to the pick using double sided tape.

There are mini-marshmallows and cauliflower florets to look like falling/ fallen snow.
The sandwich is turkey and cheese, cutout with my snowflake cookie cutter.

Top right are cucumber slices and matchstick carrots.
Bottom right are cantaloupe dices and blackberries.

I made a cheese cutout coin with the number 25 written on it with a food writer pen to go with her advent countdown on how many days are left until Christmas, which I started on Monday's lunch post.

All packed inside a handy-dandy Easylunchbox.


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  1. Love your snowman and veggie snow :) Too cute!

  2. Your snowman is really cute. I like the bone picks you used for its arms. :)

  3. The top hat is adorable. I also really like your countdown to Christmas. :)

  4. Thanks everyone for your kind comments!
    She really loved it when she saw it this morning. :)

  5. This is so freakin adorable!

  6. Love how you made the snowman and used the bone picks for the arms! I might have to "borrow" that idea for when we do a snowman box :)

  7. That is a great way to get a kid to eat cauliflower. So cute!


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