Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Pow Wow Fall Bento

Little Miss has been learning about Native Americans in school and tomorrow (Friday) they're having a Pow Wow with her grade to celebrate what they've learned.


My inspiration came not only from the Pow Wow but also from one of Little Miss's shirts:

It's a cute "Thanksgivingy" shirt that says Everyone is Thankful for Me!

Back to lunch --


Ontop of her crustless turkey & cheese sandwich I created the little girl sporting her Native American Feather Headband, much like the ones the kids made in class and will be wearing during the Pow Wow. :)

Around the sandwich are some cucumber slices. Above it is a mozz cheese stick, some candy corn, and raisins.

Bottom right is some leftover Beef Stew we had for dinner, which she LOVED (so much so she ate MY bowl of it after asking to "taste it" since she insisted she was going to hate it, originally. Kids. lol)

Top right is a corn bread muffin which she helped me bake.

All packed in an EasyLunchBox.

Now I'm off to finish baking more treats for the school's bake sale tomorrow and more corn bread muffins for the Pow Wow...

Cute TDay Bento


Let me know your thoughts!

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