Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Moose & Zee!

This weeks theme on the Bento Blog Network is Nick Jr.
I seriously try to not let Little Miss watch too much TV and if she does I *hope* it's educational programming... so for this challenge I thought it'd be fun to capture two of her favorite little characters "Moose & Zee"!

If you don't know who Moose & Zee are, they "guide kids from one show to the next while reinforcing key educational messages though interstitials" -- basically they're cute, they sing, they're educational. ;) They are essentially the hosts of Nick Jr.

Okay, back to the lunch :)

There are two square sandwiches. Ontop of each of them is provalone I colored and decorated to make their faces. I created Moose A. Moose's antlers using tootsie rolls I softened and formed.

Next to Moose are some red seedless grapes on the left and some chunks of kiwi fruit on the right.
Beside Zee is a bed of cauliflower and matchstick carrots, with 3 cookies - A, B, & C.

On the left is a cup of strawberry banana yogurt, a few bugles, a piece of banana I wrote a "secret toothpick message on" (as the day goes on, the message will get darker on the peel), aaaaaand tucked beside it all is one of Little Miss's favorite pleasures... a beef stick. lol

There you have it.
Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Ha ha. My husband really wanted me to do Moose and Zee today, but I figured the antlers would take too much effort (speed > prettiness). I like how you did them though. Very creative. I wouldn't have thought of that at all. Very cute lunch today!

  2. Thank you Vicky!

    Haha Shane, that's too funny! I put the antlers off until the last minute trying to think of what would work best besides more cheese :/ then I saw the container of tootsie rolls and remember, DUH! a few seconds in the mirco and you can shape them into anything. :)

    Thank you for your kind comments!

  3. Super cute - I love Moose & Zee! Great job!

  4. clever take on the theme!! loooove it.

  5. Thank you all so much for your kind comments! I truly appreciate it. :)
    It was fun to make and she loved it too (which is most important).


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