Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: What's for lunch Wednesday?

My daughter LOVED her bento so much yesterday. She said all her friends were impressed by her big lunch! When really it was no bigger than any other day, apparently it all being in one container just made it "appear" more interesting and large. :) I'll take that as a win for this Mama, lol.

Today... well, this Mama got up about a half hour late. (Seriously, 4AM should be an illegal time of day to hear an alarm! It gets old Mon-Fri. lol) Sooooo little miss's lunch was comprised of some quick grabs from the fridge:

Leftover pizza cut up in tho small pieces, a cup full of watermelon dices and blueberries on a pick (with a few extra scattered in the cup), disney princess yogurt, and a fruitables juice box.

I don't know about your kids, but my little one thinks cold leftover pizza is the greatest treat in the world! lol, so even though I felt like I cheated this morning on her lunch, she'll think it's great. :)


  1. 4am?? Ouch. I thought I had it bad with 530am. You have it rough :(

    Hah, kids are so funny with pizza. Always such a treat for th em. I love those little fruitables drinks. When my girl is a little bit older I'mg onna go for the bento ideas like crazy.

  2. LOL, thanks!
    btw, I forgot to tell you - the title of your blog CRACKS me up! I love the medical definiion disclaimer... too darn cute!

  3. It's always a good thing when kids like their lunches. And dont worry, I would love that 'cheat' lunch myself! I think cold pizza is the greatest thing in the world as well. Sometimes, even better than warm/hot pizza. (I mean, who enjoys burning the roof of their mouth every. single. time. they have pizza?)

  4. lol, SO true TJ! my boyfriend and i just made that comment the other day - i could eat pizza every single day and be completely satisfied! maybe not with my health, but my belly would be content. ;)


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