Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Terrific Tuesdays!

Terrific Tuesday's... Once up and at em', the realization of only having three more blaring alarms until the weekend again!

What else is great about Tuesday?
1) My little miss has five full days left of school + two half days.
2) I plan on stopping at Starbuck's today to get my free iTunes card (10 free summery songs) when I buy any Frappuccino *mmm, high calorie coffee drinks, drool!* (don't judge me) lol.
3) Don't forget the old folk rhyme: "Tuesday's child is full of grace". Not sure how that applies to this posting, but it sounds good. ;)

-Mini Bagel Turkey Sandwich
- Some Low Sodium Tortilla Chips
- Cup of Cauliflower
- Two Princess Crown cutout Cheese Slices
- Cup of Apple Slices
- (Tucked under the cheese) A Chocolate Cupcake Treat for Dessert
- Fruitables Juice Box

Little Miss told me last night that next week we need to buy the purple cauliflower again at the market instead of the white kind because it's kinda boring, lol. Hey, if you'll eat it kid, I have no problems with that! :)

It was odd, I was doubting her lunch today feeling like it was kinda 'blah'... not sure why since she's got a mixture of different things that are healthy and a bit of a treat ;) oh well, I know it's items she loves and will gobble up! That's what matters most. :)

Have a great day everyone!

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