Friday, June 3, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Friday Fixins'

My daughter is so thrilled - she has only 9 days of school left and two of those nine are half days! Mama, not so thrilled... my little baby is graduating kindergarten! *sniff*
She is counting the days down not because she's excited for summer break, but because she has nine more days before she can start declaring "I'm a First Grader!" :)

Today's lunch was a quick fix since I was focusing my efforts in making "Thank You Brownies" ...
(Click the link to read about THAT story and for my Junior Mint Brownie recipe.)

Club Crackers & Cheese, Oven Roasted Turkey Slices on Picks, Hardboiled Egg done in her Bunny Mold, Peanut Free Choc. Chip Cookies we made (we need to eat them up fast,so I can make myself a batch of Junior Mint Brownies and justify it... LOL), a Disney Princess Yogurt, and a Fruitable Juice Box (not pictured).

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! Going to try and do a Craft Complete post with my Little Miss, enjoy some local festivals going on downtown, and the weather!

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